10 Easy DIY Birthday Decoration Ideas

birthday decoration

Who doesn’t like birthdays? Birthday’s are always special in every family entering their teens / getting near to 50’s. Everything is just special. We want everything perfect on the birthdays of our special one’s. I always want to make everyone’s birthday special and get all the things ready but I always forget something or the other and make a last minute run to the store. So here I am suggesting some of my fav and necessary DIY birthday decoration ideas.

Yaay! It’s your favorite person’s birthday! The most exciting thing is to decorate and throw a surprise party. Bringing all the things / gathering all from different stores can be hectic. So I always purchase this birthday decoration pack from amazon and guess what? You can make it ready within an hour. I threw my recent birthday party for my dad. We sent him out on buying the groceries and made the decoration in the meantime and surprised him by the time he was back home. That was so much fun working in just an hour. Myself, My sister and my mother ran like anything and decorated the hall. 


The whole pack contains everything so it just became so easy to open the things and wrap them on the wall. If you want to throw a surprise party like this then the whole package is best to buy and it is a lot better than buying all the things individually. Actually it costs less than buying each item individually. 


This kit consists of a foil curtain, 30 pieces of balloons, a happy birthday banner and a balloon glue to stick the balloons.


As birthday wear you can use this crown / tiara as a gift to your friends. It’s well suited and gets you more attraction.


It takes a lot of effort and time to pump all the balloons so never ever forget a balloon pump for birthday decoration.


Want more beauty and colors added to your ceiling then these swirls give you more of a party feeling. You get a set of 12 in this pack. 


If it is a night birthday party / an outdoor party. Lanterns would be the best choice to make. As they give you a nice lighting spot and are beautiful for your lawn bday party / outdoor parties. You will have 10 pieces of lanterns in 1 buy.


If the birthday is for kids. Theme party is the best way for the kids to enjoy themselves. Select a perfect theme which is your kids favorite cartoon character and order it! Here I will give you some of my choices: Unicorn themed birthday decorations, Spiderman themed birthday decorations, Mickey Mouse themed decorations.

Unicorn Theme Decoration

Spider Man Theme Decoration

Mickey Mouse Theme Decoration

8. Party Hats

Aren’t they so cute. Wearing them all the time in the party sticking to your emoji. You can have a lot of fun wearing it all the time at the party. Only the birthday girl / boy can choose what hat you can wear. That’s a lot of fun. 


This décor can make your room more bright and give a romantic look to it. It is just a plain netted tent. You can add led lights and balloons to it and make it look more beautiful.


Birthdays are incomplete without party poppers / confetti. Don’t miss to add them on your birthday décor list.

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