13 Makeup mistakes you should avoid to look stunning on your big day

1. Trying something new:

Your wedding isn’t the perfect time to experiment with smoky eyes or bold new look. Choose the tones that make you feel most comfortable. You want to look back with smiles, not with regret of the makeup you wore on your big day.

2. Not doing a trail run:

Skipping the makeup trail isn’t a good decision it’s an extra cost but a worthy one.  Schedule your trail way before your wedding so that if you aren’t satisfied you can switch to other options.

3. Wearing a Lip gloss:

It isn’t a good idea to overcoat your lips with a lip gloss as it fades away super quickly and when your lips are too shinny it can leave a glare on the pictures.

4. Using the wrong foundation:

Even you have to mix three foundations to get the right match for your skin go for it. If you don’t get the right shade and opt for a shade lighter, you end up having a superficial layer on your skin which doesn’t sink properly. Start searching for the right match in advance.

5. Not using Water proof makeup:

Not only mascara, as a bride you shed tears and there’s nothing worse than the black lines running down your face or the white streaks where your foundation wears off.

6. Skipping body makeup:

Make up doesn’t end at your jaw line. It’s important to even the skin tone below the jaw line and your back. Make sure everything is blended well in the exposed areas like hands, torso and feet.

7. Not giving time:

Give some time for your makeup to set. Your makeup will last longer if you let each step dry before the next one.

8. Not exfoliating:

Use a sugar scrub to buff away dead skin and put a moisturizing mask on your lips before putting on lipstick.

9. Not applying a moisturizer:

You need to add a moisturizer before you apply foundation. Applying it to a bare skin suffocates your pores and looks awkward as it doesn’t blend.

 10. Allergies:

One of the scariest things that can happen is your skin getting irritation by a certain product. Inform your makeup artist beforehand if you’ve had any worst experiences.

11. Skin Type:

Get to know what skin type is yours. You do not want your makeup artist to use a matte foundation if you are already from the dry skin family. Let your makeup artist know your skin type or any issues that you have been fighting with, such as dark circles, so that she can carry products accordingly.

12. The perfect eyelashes:

There are tons and styles when it comes to false eyelashes. You need to pick the one that suits your eyes. Some brides are comfortable with dramatic and heavy ones while others find it confident to have softy lashes. Make sure you know which one you prefer.

13. Setting Spray:

A good setting spray will always keep everything in place without feeling stiff.

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