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kdrama ost – I myself am a big fan of dramas & their ost. The music is so fresh and very lovely to listen to. There are many songs to listen to and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry we’ve filtered out the best songs. Whether it’s a rap / a melody I am sure it will suit your taste. As every song in the kdrama ost matches everyone’s choice.

Goblin ost ( Guardian & the lonely guard )

This has the best songs. If you haven’t heard about it. I surely recommend you to listen to these songs & watch the drama. It’s a fantasy kdrama where the romance between the goblin and his bride ( who is a human ) is definitely heightened by its music. This drama ost is one of the best kdrama ost.

Crash Landing on you ost

Crash Landing on you is a drama between two countries south & north Korea which is portrayed very well. A heir ( South Korean ) who lost her way in north Korea by a natural disaster. A North Korean military man found out that she is a South Korean. He tries to send her back to her home country.

Meanwhile those two people fall in love and have to be separated by the country issue. Will they meet back? It’s a definite must watch drama where the romance between them is magic. You just not only fall in love with the picturization but also with the music. This drama has the most loved music by everyone. It has a song for every perfect situation. This is the most loved kdrama ost.

Strong woman do bong soon ost

The best kdrama ost I’ve ever heard. The rap and the song “Heart Beat” song is just love. There are no words to describe this melody. If you haven’t heard it! Oh god, you have to come out of the well my dear. You are missing a lot. Every song in this drama is just a bliss.

Here comes a rich heir who is the CEO of the company and he has got problems like threats and all. So he hires a bodyguard and that’s our leading lady strong woman do bong soon. She has power in her family; it only passes for girls and they are stronger than normal humans.

She has a crush on a guy who has been her friend since childhood. The love shown by the CEO makes her end the one sided crush. The magic is in the songs and the slow burning romance between our fav actors makes all the fans go gaga!!

Angels last Mission Love

Angels Last Mission is a fantasy, love drama. where it’s about an angel who has to finish its given task in order to become a complete angel. The task is to make a woman love another person. It is the toughest thing to do as she faced a lot and all the bad things are from her close relatives.

This music is very helpful to get over anything you wanted but couldn’t have. I myself have stuck with this music in my head for hours. It’s an easy going music where she can’t have the things she wants and the deity comes to help her.

Descendants of the sun ost

This is one of the beautiful dramas where a military boy falls in love with a doctor. This drama tells the importance of  having doctors and military people protect us and our lives. This is a beautifully shown drama with extremely perfect music.

True Beauty Ost

True Beauty is a school drama where a girl is bullied for her looks. She totally changes her looks with makeup and moves to a new school. There is a boy who has known her without her makeup looks. The triangle love story and the friendships are worth watching. This story has some great music with some lovely moments.

I am not a robot ost

This is a cute love story. A CEO who is allergic to the touch of humans wanted to get an AI robot. Robot is not working and the scientists are in trouble. The robot looks like the scientist’s ex-girlfriend. So, they will send a human in place of the robot to enact like a robot.

Both of them develop feelings with each other but back off being in reality. This drama has cute moments and amazing music.

While you were sleeping ost

Music is a medium which transmits any emotion in a perfect way. You can say this about this kdrama ost. This drama has many beautiful songs but my personal favorites are “It’s You”, “I love you boy”. While you were sleeping is a fantasy Korean drama as in the title.

Our actress Bae Suji ( Nam Hong Joo ) will have a flash of the future every time she sleeps. Similarly, the future flashes as a dream for Lee Jong Suk and for Jung Hae In when they meet Bae Suji in an unexpected way. This trio tries to change their fate by seeing these dreams. They develop feelings for each other while overcoming each day.

Memories of the Alhambra

If you are a gaming person then this is a perfect drama with intense tension and music. It is about reality gaming. A boy ( See-Joo )who develops the game and tries to sell it to a park hoon. But then he realizes and tries not to sell to him. He contacts another person ( Hyun Bin ) who is the opponent of park hoon ( who he wants to sell first ).

In the game they both have a fierce war and Hyun bin wins the game. After the game fight park hoon never wakes up. From then the border between the real world and AR game world begins to blur. Park Shin hye is the sister of See-joo who invented this game. They are both entangled in the game and in reality to find see-joo who went missing after contacting Hyun Bin.

My love from the star

This is a love story about an alien who landed on earth and got stuck here by saving a girl, Seo-Yi-Hwa. He stayed here for four centuries and waited for his chance to leave. By changing ages he takes up a new identity every time. Cheon Song-yi is a korean actor who is also saved by Doo Min Joo ( Alien ) in her childhood. She doesn’t remember his face but thinking about him all the time and says that she wanted to date him to her friends.

Do Min Joo & Cheon Song-yi end up being neighbors. They eventually fall in love and then the time for Do min joo to leave comes to closure. They love between them and the music that showcased their love is at its best.

Vincenzo Ost

Vincenzo is an internationally popular kdrama. This ost is the best till date. Vincenzo is a lawyer who is a consigliere for the mafia. He comes to Korea to collect the tons of gold which is stored under the basement of a building. The building ownership is taken illegally by the Babel Group. He fights with them by Cha-young ( attorney who joins Vincenzo after her fathers death) to reclaim the building and his fortunes.

The music is the biggest asset of this drama. This kdrama ost has every perfect song for love, Brotherhood and fighting the enemy.

So I Married an Anti Fan

This story is about a singer who is very famous in Korea and his anti-fan. By an unexpected event Lee Geung Young thinks that her job is lost by top star Hoo Joon. She tries to show everyone that she is an anti fan of Hoo Joon. By seeing this producers think of a concept where Gueng Young & Hoo Joon live together in a house and telecast it. They slowly end up loving each other. This romantic kdrama ost is perfect for all lovers. 

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Kang Mi – Rae decided to get plastic surgery after being bullied for her looks. She finally gets a new face and enters college as a pretty girl. She gets to see another face of others who are good to her while they get to know about her plastic surgery. Cha eun woo is a bit cold to everyone but is close with Kang Mi Rae as he has seen her since middle school.

Eventually they get close to each other amid all the difficulties caused by others. The way they get close to each other and the romance and songs are the best.


I am personally a big fan of this kdrama and its ost. Cha Min is an unattractive person who is the heir of a cosmetic empire. He tries to kill himself after his girlfriend cheated him and left a day before the wedding. After death he meets supernatural beings they will bring him back to life using the abyss. The supernatural beings give the abyss to him in order to help for any future cause. After the re-birth the person born with an abyss has the face according to their heart. If they have a bad heart they are gonna be ugly. Our hero with a handsome face goes to meet her friend Go se yeon but couldn’t meet her.

Later next day, She is murdered in her apartment. He didn’t believe in the abyss but wanted to give it a try to make her live. She is alive and the murderer who killed her is also alive by the abyss without knowing. Only people brought back to life in the abyss can see it. This fantasy kdrama goes with a total twist and intense scenes and the best music. 

Suspicious Partner

Ji chang wook is a prosecutor and eun bong hee is a trainee there. They both meet in an unexpected place and situation before she starts working for him. Eun bong hee’s ex boyfriend comes to her apartment to get his things and is murdered there.

Eun bong hee just went to get something by the time she arrived her ex boyfriend is on the floor with blood and eun bong hee is the suspect. The case becomes stronger as she doesn’t have any alibi. Ji chang wook is the only prosecutor who can help. After getting back from jail, Eun bong hee & ji chang wook try to capture the real culprit. You will be on the edge watching the suspense thriller. Meanwhile, Eun bong hee gets close with Noh Ji wook ( Ji Chang wook ). This kdrama ost is so new and refreshing.

Our beloved summer

This is an ongoing kdrama. It is a new age love story where Choi ung ( Choi woo shik ) and Yeon soo are a school dating couple. Years later they broke up and never met. After the break up they meet to film a new documentary about themselves as a school documentary made by them is a big hit.

While making this new documentary they fall for each other and get back together. This is a cute love story with lovely music.

Hospital Playlist ost

This drama is about 5 doctors who are friends from their college days. It showcases how they handle their patients and on weekends they form a band and it’s all about music. 

Hometown Cha Cha Cha

This is a sweet love story of a doctor who just moved to a seaside village and a man who is the jack of all trades. Believe me this drama has the best refreshing songs. “La La La La..  romantic Sunday” is one of my fav songs of this drama.

Start Up

Startup is a kdrama where a sandbox company helps to start all the startup companies to get a project. Bae Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk are in the same team. Han Ji Pyeong is the team leader for the team. Bae suzy mistakes nam joo hyuk as her first love where Han ji pyeong is the one. This story showcases their future goals, aspirations and their love.

Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo ost

This is a cute love story which showcases the troubles and aspirations of athletes. Kim bok joo is a weightlifter and Jung Hyung is a swimmer who knew each other in childhood and meets again in college. The campus love story is very cute and this drama has the best ost.

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