6 Ways to get rid of dark underarms

Firstly, to make it clear you can’t completely get rid of dark underarms completely. This is because of the influence of the hormones, the sexual hormones can turn your underarms darker and that’s common to everybody. Another thing to keep in mind is that the skin around there is very tight and sensitive, so you definitely need to be careful with the treatment that you choose.

Dark Underarms Causes & Remedies:

1. Hair Removal:

The most important step that you do is to remove the hair on the underarms. For this, you can go ahead with laser treatment. It not only removes the hair but also makes the area lighter. Laser is efficient because it targets the hair follicle and destroys it so that it doesn’t grow again. Even when grown a very little of it grows with less thickness. Qualified doctor who can suggest and treat each case in an appropriate way is very important while going ahead with such treatments as there are always underlying risks involved in it. Avoid waxing and hair removal creams. Either shave or go with the laser treatment.

2. Clothing:

Does clothing cause dark underarms? Yes, be careful while wearing tight clothes. Clothes which are tight to skin may make the skin darker. This often happens with women who are overweight because fat gets accumulated easily in the area and can lead to friction of the skin with the tissue. Make sure the arm hole is loose enough, if not the sweating combined with the tight tucks causes inflammation in the long run.

3. Deodorants:

The third tip is to stay away from alcoholic deodorants because alcohol causes inflammation and is very powerful in turning your skin darker. So avoid such deodorants.

4. Skin whitening creams:

Consult your dermatologist for recommendation of skin whitening creams preferably with low concentration, but these require constant application for the required amount of time. Have patience.

5. Be gentle:

Be gentle on your underarms. Don’t rub it too harsh, thinking that the pigmentation would go away. Do not use loofah in that area as it is not soft. Just wash it with plain water and soap. Make sure you moisturize well right after the shower.

6. Home made remedies:

The last tip is to avoid home made treatments. Today it is easy to quickly find a solution to everything on the internet. But I suggest you not to follow everything that comes your way without proper research. By any chance home made treatments can cause inflammation and it is the biggest enemy to the dark underarms. Better consult your doctor because dark underarms can be a disease in some. 

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