Ahn Hyo Seop – 8 Best K-Dramas You Need To Watch

Ahn Hyo Seop

Ahn Hyo Seop is a Korean Canadian actor. He was born in April 17 1995 in Seoul, South Korea. Later his family migrated to Canada when he was 7 years old. When he was 17 he moved back to South Korea and did his graduation from Kookmin university on International Business.

Ahn Hyo Seop is scouted by JYP Entertainment as a trainee. He is also given a chance in a K-pop boy band got7. But he turned down the offer. Later he made his debut into acting. 

Business Proposal

This is a new kdrama where Ahn Hyo Seop ( Kang Tae Mo )  is a CEO. Shin Ha – Ri is an employee in his company. Kim Se Jeong & Shin Ha-Ri are best friends. Shin Ha – Ri helps to drive away all the blind dates set for Kim Se Jeong by her father. There is another blind date for Kim Se Jeong with Kang Tae Mo. Kim Se Jeong usually wanted to push them away as she wanted to love a man and then marry.

Ha – Ri didn’t know that he’s the one she is going a blind date with and attended as Se Jeong. Later she found out that he is the CEO of her company. She wanted to run away but her friend promised to pay her. So she just wanted to get rid of it and behaved recklessly.

Kang Tae Mo says yes to the marriage after going on one blind date. As he doesn’t want to waste time on these kinds of things. He accepts this marriage as she is so honest with him. The plan to make her blind date run away goes in vain. Ha – Ri really wanted her friend to say the truth to Kang Tae Mo and cancel the wedding.

Later Kang Tae Mo meets Ha – Ri and asks her to marry him. She declines the offer saying how can she marry a stranger after just meeting once. Kang Tae Mo offers her to be with him for just 10 dates and then tells her to answer about the marriage proposal.


Ahn Hyo Seop ( Cha Min )  is a young man who is a rich heir but not so handsome. He wanted to commit suicide as his fiancé left him. Saying a message that she can’t see that ugly face daily. Devastated Cha Min wanted to commit suicide but skipped his leg and hanging around a tall building. Because of supernatural beings landing on earth, cha min falls from that building. As it is their fault they revive him with a magical ball called an abyss.

Generally most of the people who are revived by like the same as that is how their soul is. But Cha Min revives as a handsome young man. He goes back to his life and wants to meet her friend Go Se Yeon.  But that couldn’t happen as his face changed and her friend doesn’t recognise him. Go Se Yeon is a beautiful lawyer who has been friends with Cha Min since her childhood. Before Cha Min meets her friend she is murdered in her apartment.

Cha Min was in a lot of pain to lose her friend but suddenly remembered that the supernatural beings were handing him the abyss. He really doesn’t want to lose any chance and gives it a try. His friend Go Se Yeon also revived but with another face. Cha Min tells his story and will tell her the truth. They together work to catch the criminal who did this to Go Se Yeon.

Lovers of the Red Sky

This is a drama that took place in the Dan Dynasty era. In this dynasty gods, demons and ghosts are involved in human life. During a ceremony the king tries to extract Ma Wang who is a demon god and seal him in a portrait painted by Hong Eun-ho. The Demon god puts a curse on Ha Seong-jin, the person who sealed the painting and the one who painted it. Ha Seong-jin’s son, Ha Ram, and Hong Eun-ho’s daughter, Hong Cheon-gi are born on the same day. Hong Cheon-gi is born blind because of the curse.

Ha Ram is born with the energy of water. With the curse the country suffers with drought and famine. Years later a shaman is preparing for a rain ritual and chooses Ha ram as the helper Ha ram and Hong Cheong gi share memories together and promise each other to meet again. After the ritual the king portraits get burned up and the demon king enters Ha Ram and comes back to life with his sight lost. Hong Cheong gi miraculously gains eye sight.

Nineteen years later they meet up and fall for each other. Their relationship is disturbed as one of them is the demon god and the other is the one who kept him sealed.

Top Management

This is a fantasy kdrama. Eun Sung is a K-pop trainee. She has the power to foresee the future. She becomes the manager of the aspiring team. This team has Cha Eun woo, Jung Yoo Ahn, Bang jae Min and Ahn Hyo Seop. When the team got stuck in a scandal. Manager helps her team to get back with her power to see the future.

Still 17

Gong Woo-Jin and Woo Seo-ri are known people who wanted to talk to each other. When Woo Seo-ri is on the bus Gong Woo Jin is asked for an address and he says to get down at the next stop. Woo Seo ri waits for her stop and Gong Woo Jin gets down before her. While he is watching, the bus runs into a huge accident. Gong Woo Jin finds that Seo ri is dead and feels guilty to make her stay longer.

When the accident happened they were in their 17’s. Seo Ri wakes up from the coma 13 years later with a mindset of 17. She runs from the hospital and manages to find her home. Woo Jin lives there as a tenant saying that the owners moved out from here. Woo Jin helps Seo Ri to find her aunt and uncle and lets her stay with him and his nephew Yoo Chan ( Ahn Hyo Seop ). Yoo chan will have feelings for Seo Ri. Eventually he notices that his uncle Gong Woo Jin and Seo Ri fall for each other by healing each other.

My father is strange

This is a family drama. This story is about a middle class family who lives in the outskirts of Seoul. This family consists of 3 daughters Lee Hye-Yeong, Lee Mi-Yeong, Lee Ra-Yeong and one son Ahn Joong-hee. Ahn Hyo Seop as Park Chul-soo who is a rich heir but he is away from his family business as he is interested in playing soccer. Lee Ra-Yeong and Park Chul Soo eventually date after he confessed his feelings to him. One day, a celebrity shows up to this household saying that he is the son of the family. 

Queen of the Ring

This is a fantasy romance drama. Mo Nan-hee is never an attractive girl to the boys. Nan-hee finds a magical ring where she transforms into the most datable person. That ring transforms her looks. Ahn Hyo Seop as Se Gun is a handsome boy with a cold personality. He finds Nan Hee as his ideal type because of the ring.

Splash Splash Love

Danbi is a senior high school student. She is unwilling to take the math test. She ran away to the playground before the exam. Wishing she would disappear she hears a drum sound from the puddle. She steps on the puddle and time travels to the Joseon era. She is mistaken as Eunuch and then she becomes the confidant to the king. As the school level math is the highest math in the kingdom. Danbi becomes the greatest scientist. She falls in love with the king.

She feels very home sick and decides to come back to her era. Danbi and the king share a passionate goodbye and then she disappears into the water. Many days later she sees it is raining and wants to step inside the puddle as she misses King Lee. Before she steps in she finds someone is holding the umbrella. When she looks into him he is King Lee. 

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