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4 Simple tips to lose weight

In this world everyone wants to be fit & slim. There are many ways now a days to lose weight but have you ever tried it through a natural process? Here are some of tips you can consider as part of your day-to-day activities to look fit. 1. Intermittent fasting: It is simply known as …


Come let’s decorate the living room

One space in our home where everyone loves to spend the time is the living area. Organizing and decorating the living room can make you feel more refreshing and elevates your mood. A basic simple room consists of casual seating areas like sofas, paintings and little furniture. By arranging them and decorating a little you …


Getting bored of Quarantine?

Social distancing & self quarantine are the most important steps to be followed right now. But that can have a huge impact on your psychological well-being. This situation can make us seem lethargic and isolated. So self care should be the top priority during this crisis. So, Below are the ways, how you can make …