Avoid these regular makeup mistakes to look young

Who doesn’t love makeup? Starting from every little teenager to all the ladies out there, everybody would want to look charming. Makeup enhances your beauty if it is done right. Everyone has a makeup routine that they follow on daily basis but here are a few mistakes we all make which make us look older than we actually are.

  1. Primer: People usually tend to ignore the application of a primer at the start of their makeup as they feel it as an overhead, but it’s worthwhile. Primer can go as a base to your foundation, making everything applied after it looks smooth and velvety. You can also choose to combine the primer with your foundation to give you a long lasting look, this sheers out the coverage though.

    As we tend to apply a lot of makeup directly on the eyes, do not forget to prime your eye lids as this can result in dark circles.

    Not being able to choose the right primer for your skin type, can damage your overall look. Look out for what your skin needs.

2. Foundation: Picking the wrong shade of your foundation can entirely ruin your make up look. If you choose the correct shade of your foundation you need not take it down on the neck. Pick up a foundation and apply it on the jaw line if you see no difference between the neck and face then it’s a match to your skin tone.

Instead of rubbing the foundation on your cheek try tapping it with your fingers which makes it blend properly. Do not apply too much of foundation. It makes your skin look unnatural.

  1. Eyeliner: While applying a liner never pull on your eyelid. It contributes in wrinkles. Alternatively, apply your eyeliner in quick dashes and then fill the gaps.

    Black liner in the waterline can make your eyes look smaller. Instead, using a softer color can give you a sultry look.

    Curling lashes with eyeliner on erases the liner, so you should always curl first.

4. Blush: Do not choose the wrong colored blush. Contrasting colors aren’t meant to look natural. So try to avoid them and use light colors like pink / peach.

If you are wearing a liquid foundation use a cream blush instead of a powder one and vice versa.

5. Lipstick: Not lining your lips makes a sloppy ring of lipstick color encircling the outside of your mouth. Lining them way outside your natural lip line can make you look bad. Pick up a lip line that is closer to your lip shade. Outlining your lips with a darker shade will make your lip look fuller.

Applying matt textures can really dry out your lips making your lines very evident. Try some glossy lips if you have dry / chapped lips.

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