Beautiful Pergola Decorating Ideas for your Backyard


Everyone loves to spend evenings in the garden. Perfect backyards ask for the perfect pergolas. Most weekends or family gatherings would be perfect on the lawn but it does look plain without a pergola. Before we dive into the designs. Let’s just get to know what is a pergola & its types.

What is a pergola:

A patio roof is now referred to as a pergola. A patio is known as a paved outdoor area, an outdoor garden feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area. 

Types of pergola materials:

A pergola is an open structure with just support beams, no walls & just a decorative roof design. For the reason of resting in the shade / because of the weather conditions, shade is added to the patio, but at the start of the design, there isn’t a shade in the pergola. It’s later developed to shelter its users.

  1. Vinyl Pergolas: It has more popularity in the styles of pergolas as they are very affordable and the basic design itself gives the beauty to your garden. The best benefit of choosing a vinyl is that it can be customized according to your taste and personal preference.
  2. Open-Top: As it is an open-top it surely has more sunlight and air circulation.These make an appealing focus when you look around in the garden with their trailing vines. 
  3. Steel: Steel is a good choice if you have a harsh weather where you want to set it out as it is made of steel it is well in inclement weather, and it’s likely to last the longest.
  4. Sail: It utilizes a stretched fabric in situ of a standard lattice roof. If you prefer to have more shade you can choose this as it provides more shade than an open roof design and gives your house a modern look as well.
  5. Gable or Pitch: These have a roof which shields you from any weather, a gabled or pitched may be a great choice if you need a sheltered one.These are mostly seen over decks or patios over outdoor areas as they are most commonly used.

Pergola ideas to design your space:

poolside pergola

Poolside pergola:

If you are lucky to have a pool outdoors then it is the best place for a poolside pergola. If you are a party person you can have a pool party / you can add a fireplace and have a perfect date night! 

private pergola

Private Pergola:

We got this for you if you are a private person/introvert who loves to enjoy your own space then a private pergola is a perfect match for you. Add curtains on all sides to make it as private as you wish. You can have tea time with your loved ones.

summer style pergola

Summer classic style pergola:

You have a family & kids then a classic summer style pergola would be the best. You can have your family evenings in the garden side pergola and enjoy your summer evenings.

cabin style pergola

Cabin style pergola:

Having family dinners and watching a movie is your style then go for a cabin style that suits you better. This not only serves as a means of shading. It’s the finishing element of the planning idea to make a welcoming zone within the backyard where privacy is ensured.

pergola bar / bbq pergola

Pergola bar:

This outdoor summer kitchen is additionally equipped with a bar where people can sit and luxuriate in their meals. This is gonna be perfect if you want to grab a drink with your friends in your own space. You can also add BBQ grills / a kitchen to enjoy the space.

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