Best heated eyelash curler in 2021

best eyelash curler

Everyone desires for the perfect eyelashes. By applying the mascara you can achieve a certain amount of lengthy eyelashes.Then you have to use the curler for curling your lashes. To get the perfect curls regular curlers can’t be helped you need a heated eyelash curler. The perfect makeup finish is not done without an eyelash curler. 

While everyone is having the same old eyelash curler update yours to the new heated eyelash curler. Here we gonna check the 5 best heated eyelash curlers that are available in the market for their true quality. I made this list based on my personal opinion with hours of research and have listed them based on their popularity, quality, price, durability and user opinions.

1. Zlime Heated Eyelash Curler

Zlime eyelash curler gives you a perfect curl and lift to your lashes. It is made from a high thermal conductivity nickel chromium  alloy that makes it hot enough and heats up quickly within 15 seconds. This unit gently curls the lashes with mascara and heated comb resulting in longer lasting and strong curling eyelashes. It separates lashes without crimping / pinching. It has a temperature sensor that will indicate you when the device is ready after heating up. 

This eyelash curler is rechargeable and has 2 temperatures the lowest. For the thinner lashes you need thicker ones then you must choose the high temperature. 

2. JDO Electric Eyelash Curler

JDO Electric eyelash curler will uplift the eyelashes. This is a professionally designed eyelash curler which will create natural curls. This will heat within seconds at your desired temperature after you turn it on. Moreover, its high tech design with heat protection slots assists you in controlling the temperature to prevent your eyelashes / eye being scald. This eyelash curler has 4 different temperature modes from 65- 95 to curl your eyelashes. There is a display on the curler which shows the battery and the temperature of the curler. It is medium sized which will be very easy to carry around. 

This curler has a con as well where the lashes may not last long, you can just use it for a quick party but not for a too long one. 

3. Acavado Electric Eyelash Curler

Acavado electric eyelash curler is pocket friendly heated eyelash curlers that you will find on the market. This curler heats up quickly and it has a larger heated area. It features 4 temperatures. It is a usb rechargeable. The only con is that you need to brush more to get the desired results. It gives you a sturdy and long lasting lashes.

4. Cherioll Eyelash Curler

The cherioll heated eyelash curler is a heated eyelash curler that gives you natural curls and deep sweeping.  This quickly heats up and takes only 10 seconds to heat up & ready to use. This will apply the heat evenly on the full length of your eyelash. This curler is slim and lightweight which will fit your purse easily. 

This has two different uses where the convex surface will promote the growth of eyelashes and the concave surface curls the eyelashes.

5. Teamyo Electric 360 Automatic Rotary Eyelash Curler

Do you want your eyelashes to stand up and be more visible then this is the ultimate curler by the Teamyo which will do it like a pro. It has an electric heating head that can rotate 360 degrees clockwise and anticlockwise automatically. This eyelash curler design will automatically rotate up and down with your lashes; you need not do it manually while curling them. 

This heated eyelash curler has the led lightening function that illuminates that clearly curls your eyelashes accurately & easily. This curler uses nickel chromium alloy that heats up quickly in 10 seconds, you need not wait for a long time. If the curler is not used for 10 min it automatically shut downs.

Heated Eyelash Curler Pros & Cons


  1. You will get perfect eyelashes within a few seconds with the heated eyelash curler and it will last longer than the normal eyelash curler. 
  2. More convenient to use as it makes your eyelashes look more efficient with a heated eyelash curler than the regular one.
  3. The curls stay longer and take very less time to do your eye makeup. 


  1. Regularly using the heated eyelash curler can get damaged due to heat you use on your eyelashes. 
  2. More usage may lead to breakage of eyelashes.
  3. Need to be charged constantly.


Q: How to use heated eyelash curler
A: Switch it on and set an ideal temperature. It make 10 – 15 seconds, later use it as a normal eyelash curler.

Q: what is the best heated eyelash curler?
A: Read the article carefully, and choose what’s best for your ideal type.

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