Cha Eun Woo – 8 Best Kdramas / Tv shows to watch

cha eun woo

If you are a kdrama fan then obviously you have heard of cha eun woo. He is an obvious heart throb of the kdrama world. Cha eun woo is a singer, actor, model and also a member of kpop group Astro. He has done many famous kdramas like true beauty & My id is Gangnam beauty. Wondering what more kdramas he has done? Don’t worry we got you solved. Here are the 8 best kdramas of cha eun woo.

1. True Beauty

true beauty

This drama is based on the webtoon “The secret of an angel” .The story revolves around a high school girl Lim Ju Kyung who is bullied at her school for her bad looks. She tries herself to look beautiful by using makeup but fails. After so many tries she finally succeeded with her makeup.

She changes to another school and is the prettiest girl in the school. Nobody from the school knows her real face as she always wears makeup around her schoolmates. She meets a handsome man Lee Su – ho who is in the same class as her outside the school near her house when she doesn’t have her makeup. She asks Su-ho to keep it a secret at school.

Seo Jun was a friend of su-ho and later turned into enemies with their past. Seo Jun falls for Lim Ju Kyung. Su – ho is our cha eun woo who has a bad past and to get out of it he acts cold at heart. Eventually they get involved in a love triangle. Watch this beautiful rom-com drama to get to know who gave our Ju Kyung butterflies.

2. My ID is Gangnam Beauty 

My ID is Gangnam Beauty 

Im Soo Hyang as Kang Mi Rae, who is always bullied for her looks. As she is not an average girl she always hated her looks and wanted to get plastic surgery. As her dad doesn’t agree for it she hides the fact that she is getting surgery and lies that she has gone to foriegn for studying. Later after her surgery her father finds out and takes some time to accept it.

Do Kyung Seok ( Cha Eun Woo ) is a very cold person but smiles when he looks at Kang Mi Rae. Guess what they’ve known each other in high school for sometime. Our hero remembers her even for a small amount of time. Kang Mi Rae also remembers Kyung Seok as he is the most handsome face in the high school and asks him to keep it a secret as she got her face done.

Somehow that got out and she is known as Gangnam beauty which means a surgery beauty which is not real. She fights for herself and Kyung Seok stands for her in every situation. Moving forward he falls for her real beauty and makes her not to judge people by its faces.

3. Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung

This is a historical romance drama. Shin Se-kyung as Goo Hae-ryung who works as a historian. Goo Hae – rang is looked down upon with the gender inequality issues.

Prince Dowon is a handsome young man who must be isolated in the garden far from his royal Court. He finds comfort in writing romance novels. His pen name is Maehwa and his novels are famous in Hanyang mainly for women.

When Goo Hae-ryung and Shin se kyung meet each other the inner circle of the royal palace goes with the dangerous plans & plots made by ministers.

4. Hit the Top

hit the top / best hit kdrama

Cha Eun Woo as Yoo Hyun Jae he is an Idol pop singer in the year 1993. He discovers himself in 2017 and gets to know that he disappeared in mysterious ways and he is also assumed dead later the next year. While trying to adjust in the future he tries to know the reason behind his disappearance.

Choi Woo Seung and Lee Ji Hoon are childhood friends who are preparing for civil services exams but Ji hoon has a secret dream to become a singer and lyricist. One day they meet Yoo Hyun Jae and from then the story of love, passion and friendship begins between them. 

5. Sweet Revenge

Kim Hyang Gi as Ho Goo Hee is a high school student who is bullied by her fellow students. Ji Hoon is the only person who helps whenever she is in need. Cha Eun Woo is a kpop idol who treats kim hyang gi as a sweet younger sister.

One day she finds an application in her phone where it pops a screen asking her to write the name of one who is bullying her. After writing the name bad things happen to the person whose name she writes. 

6. Top Management

top managment kdrama

Seo Eun Soo as Yoo Eun Sung is a person who can see the future beforehand.  She becomes the manager of the aspiring idol group S.O.U.L. Where the group later caughts up in a scandal. Yoo Eun Sung helps the idol group with her foreseeing skills.

7. Island

island kdrama

John as Cha Eun Woo, Ban and Won Mi- Ho are three people who live on Jeju island. These three people fight the world against evil. This is an upcoming drama of 2022.

8. My Romantic some recipe

Joo Da Young as Mi Nyeo, a college student who has never tasted the romance chapter in her life. She has only one happiness in her life, which is to see Kung Jun at her café everyday who comes to have lunch.

Later her one sided crush ends by meeting a K-pop idol in an unexpected way when she is drunk and later wakes up next to him in the same room.


cha eun woo oppa
  1. Cha Eun-Woo Age?
    He is born in 30 March 1997 – Yes! He is just 24 Years Old. 
  2. Oppa Height?
    6 ft. ( 183 cm )
  3. Why did Cha eun-woo change his original name?
    ( Lee Dong-Min ) is his original name. When he did a web series “To be continued“ his character name was Cha Eun Woo. So he kept this name as his stage name. 
  4. Cha Eun Woo Gf? 
    There are predictions by oppa fans that his gf is Dahyun.
  5. Cha eun woo Instagram Account
    His instagram has 25.6 Million followers. I don’t think it’s not that difficult to find oppa’s page ;). Jokes apart his profile name is eunwo.o_c

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