Business Proposal Episode 5 : Written Update, Spoilers

Business Proposal

Business proposal is a new kdrama. It’s about a CEO and her employee who meet each other in a blind which she shouldn’t be there. Instead of Se Jeong, Shin Ha Ri attended the blind date without knowing that the date is with her company CEO. Later in the blind date she finds out Kang Tae Mo is her CEO. She deliberately wanted to end the blind date and Kang Tae Mo say no to this marriage


Business Proposal Episode 4

After the beautiful fake anniversary ended. Kang Tae Mo dropped Shin Guem Hui near her house. He headed back to her house as she left her wallet in her seat. He wanted to give it to her so he called her. But found Lee Min woo calling Shin Guem Hui as Shin Ha Ri. Lastly the episode ended knowing that Shin Ha-Ri is Shin Guem Hui by Kang Tae Mo.

Business Proposal Episode 5

After knowing that Shin Ha ri is Shin Guem Hi Kang Tae Mo wants to make her pay as she hided that she is Shin Ha-Ri. He wantedly call her just make a casual talk and try to plan a meeting in the office. Kang Tae Moo makes Shin Ha-Ri run every time possible. He finally tells her to remake the ravioli again and reduce the cost price. She makes it numerous times as Kang Tae Mo repeatedly says her to make again.

Kang Tae Moo Feels Jealousy

Business Proposal Episode 5

Later at the office Chairman Kang is there unannounced. While Chairman Kang, Kang Tae Moo and Kim Min- Kyu are having lunch there. Seeing Shin Ha – Ri with Min woo makes him more angry and he just glares at them without listening to Chairman Kang.

Later Kang Tae Mo informs Shin Guem Hui that she has to attend an office meeting with Chairman Kang. As chairman kang misses her and that is the only time he can be available. Shin Guem Hui tries to avoid saying that she can’t make it. If you can’t make it you need to pay the penalty said by Kang Tae Mo. Her company announces the awardees and one of them is Shin Ha Ri. Kang Tae Mo wantedly planned it that way to make her split the truth.

Kang Tae Moo runs to Shin Ha Ri

Before the Ceremony day she drunks and sits near the park. And then calls Kang tae moo to say that she can’t make it to the ceremony as she has a reason. While talking on the phone the phone gets disconnected. Even Kang Tae Moo tries to call her the call won’t be connected. Finally he makes to where is she is in a rush after searching for her every corner. Shin Guem Hui feels that it is a dream that he came running to her. She says the truth that Shin Ha Ri is Shin Guem Hui thinking it as a dream.

Later he hides there knowing that her brother came to take her. After this Kang Tae Mo realizes his feelings for her and tells her that she is fired. He leaves to New York for a business meeting to just get over her. He feels that seeing her everyday is making him pay more and more attention to her. But that’s wrong even in the whole trip in New York he always think of her.

Kang Tae Moo Arrives

After the trip Kang Tae Moo comes to Chairman Kang Party. He calls Cha Seong to tell him to attend the party as well. But he says he can’t come and he is with Jin Yeong. Cha Seong explains what happened there to Jin Yeong. So Kang Tae Mo wants rush back there but seeing Shin Guem Hui in the party. He pulls her and says that she need to go there. Shin Guem Hui who doesnt know what happend to Jin Yeong. Asks for what happened. Kang Tae Moo in a rush pulls Shin Guem Hui saying Shin Ha Ri we need to go. Shin Guem Hui is stuck there in a shock that Kang Tae Mo called her Shin Ha Ri.

There ends the last scene as Shin Guem Hui founds that Kang Tae Mo knows she is Shin Ha Ri.

Business Proposal EP 6 Precap

The issue in the police station is resolved by Kang Tae Moo. Jing Yeong and Cha Seong meets in a awkward situation. Kang Tae Moo asks Shin Ha Ri if she wants to start seeing each other with marriage in her mind.

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