Cameron Highlands – A Beautiful Travel Destination In Malaysia

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is a hill station within Pahang that dates from the nineteenth century and is a popular tourist destination. If you haven’t decided where to go in the summer yet? Since there are so many tourist attractions and they are so diverse by nature you can add this place to your wish list.

Cameron Highlands, founded in 1885, was built in the style of a traditional English village. Cameron Highlands was built to provide some respite during the summer months for residents in the lowlands and to allow them to enjoy the cooler climate. You can also explore English influences throughout Cameron Highlands. You will find fruit orchards, tea plantations, gardens, trails for trekking, museums, and more.

Here we’ve filtered everything and listed out 6 best places to visit in the Cameron Highlands

Boh Tea Plantation

The Boh Tea Plantations in Cameron Highlands are one of Malaysia’s most famous tea brands. Founded in 1929, they are one of the top destinations for tourists in the Cameron Highlands. Among the highlights of our trip to the Cameron Highlands is learning about tea harvesting and growing on the plush terraces.

You can also try your own specialty tea at this tea shop or buy some packages here as a souvenir. It is surely one of the best places to explore Cameron Highlands, which is known for its natural surroundings. Here is a view of the entire plantation, which is undoubtedly spectacular.

Agro Tech Park

One of the major attractions in the Cameron Highlands is the MARDI Agricultural Technology Park (Malaysian Research and Development Institute) which consists of six major sections, including a fragrant herb garden and a style garden. garden, a manicured English Garden, a vibrant rose garden, and a colorful orchid garden.

Additionally, there is a center that performs research on agrotechnology, and you can explore the 42-acre gardens and see 100 citrus species, ten varieties of strawberries, 40 kinds of flowers, and 40 different kinds of roses. It is Malaysia’s longest and most established research institute and is actually the brainchild of the Malaysian Research and Development Institute (MARDI).

Lavender garden

Cameron Highlands is also home to the Lavender Garden in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. There are different types of purple, red, and yellow lavender that can be seen in bloom here, which is simply breathtaking! In Cameron Lovelock Bridge Lavender Garden, there are various types of purple, red, and yellow lavender in flowers, which is eye candy! It is popular with couples. These gardens are an excellent place to spend time with your loved one surrounded by nature.

The gardens offer visitors the opportunity to walk through lavender fields and see the plants up close as well as a café, souvenir shop, youth play center, and the very popular mini-bee tales. Additionally to the Nature exhibit, the Gardens include vegetable and strawberry farms. Flower and strawberry picking is available for a small fee. A cafe offers cheesecakes, ice cream, jams, juices, and other lavender-inspired dishes.

Butterfly Farm

Butterfly Farm is the tiniest yet; it is one of the most famous farms in Cameron Highlands. It is the perfect place for all butterflies lovers since a large variety of colorful species can be found here, including numerous butterflies, reptiles, insects, and amphibians.

You can also find vibrant butterflies of several different species at this farm. You can also read about the life cycle of the species, as well as various other animals and insects here. On the same road as the Kae farm, you can see the butterfly garden. It’s about 20 kilometers from Tanah Rata. The farm has a gift shop and a restaurant serving light meals.

Mossy Forest: A Magical fairy tale forest

The mossy forest is sometimes called “upper montane forest” or “cloud forest”. The highest point of Cameron Highlands is Mossy Forest, where you can see towering trees up to a height of 10 meters. Visitors, along with the preferably experienced tour guides, can explore a vast array of ferns, liverworts, mosses, and fern allies, along with pitcher plants, rhododendrons, and wild orchids in these forested areas.

The boardwalk is another safer option for hiking in the woods. Thanks to the pleasant weather, hiking lovers and walking enthusiasts will have a memorable time up there. Generally, the region is a cloudy and foggy region, surrounded by lush vegetation and dense forests that create an eerie atmosphere. All of this looks like a magical fairy tale forest.

Night Market

In any location, markets are always a popular tourist destination.2 major types of market in this location. These are the morning market, known as Pasar Pagi, and the night market, known as Pasar Malam. The two main markets in the Cameron Highlands are located in Kea Farm town and Brinchang town. When the sun begins to set, we can find the Cameron Highlands night market.

In Brinchang, those who wish to go to the night market can start at 3 PM and continue till morning. If you’re looking for delicious food at a cheaper price then the night market is the most ideal place. You can also find street food such as grilled meet. You can also find clothing and accessories. More like gift shops, local products and handicrafts.

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