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13 Makeup mistakes you should avoid to look stunning on your big day

1. Trying something new: Your wedding isn’t the perfect time to experiment with smoky eyes or bold new look. Choose the tones that make you feel most comfortable. You want to look back with smiles, not with regret of the makeup you wore on your big day. 2. Not doing a trail run: Skipping the …


Style your summer – 2020 with these fashion trends

Summer always asks you for a new fashion because the scorching heat will never let you use your regular wardrobe. Here are a few fashion dresses for this summer where you can style them for any event you want to and present yourself hot in this hot season 😉 First, let’s start with college-going summer …


4 Beauty tips you need to follow throughout the summer, to beat the heat:

As we are experiencing the real heat now, it is important to protect our skin from high temperatures.  Only taking care of you can make you look and feel good about yourself. Here are a few beauty tips you need to follow to beat the heat. Sunscreen: A sunscreen is a must-have in your purse …