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la vie en rose cafe gachibowli Hyderabad

La Vie En Rose Cafe, Gachibowli – Hyderabad’s Pink Paradise of Elegance & Culinary Delight

Introduction: Hey, YouTube fam! Welcome back to another exciting episode. Today, we’re diving into the enchanting world of La Vie En Rose Cafe in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Trust me, this is not your average cafe; it’s a pink-hued paradise where elegance, culinary delight, and floral wonder come together. Pink Paradise Ambiance: As you step through the …

ghost kitchens
FOOD Guest Post

Ghost Kitchen 2022 – Pros & Cons

Ghost Kitchens are kitchens deprived of all amenities that create a dining atmosphere. They do not have counters or dining zones or service windows. These kitchens exist elsewhere, whereas the client is in a different geographical location. The food is delivered by a third party app to the point of need. A traditional restaurant would …

Mango Smoothie Bowl

Green Collagen Mango Smoothie Recipe

Today’s recipe is the Green Collagen mango smoothie recipe. Collagen Smoothie bowls are the best way to start your day with a healthy diet. They are rich in nutrients and good with fats and they are just great when you have it after exercising so-called post-workout. Smoothie is a simple and easy breakfast so let’s …

Mint chocolate ice cream

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe 🍦

Today’s food recipe I am gonna share with you is mint chocolate chip ice cream. You never had it before? It’s worth your try. Regular ice cream is routine and this flavor is everything you want in an ice cream treat. It balances the sweet chocolatey indulgence with bright flavor of mint. Ingredients:  Whipping Cream …