Come let’s decorate the living room

One space in our home where everyone loves to spend the time is the living area. Organizing and decorating the living room can make you feel more refreshing and elevates your mood.

A basic simple room consists of casual seating areas like sofas, paintings and little furniture. By arranging them and decorating a little you can get a better look in the living area. So let’s get started to enhance our look in the living area.

  1. Wing Chair:  We can add a wing chair to enhance the look of the empty corner. Simple additions like this can improve the look of the living room and it may provide extra seating in the living room.

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2. Carpet: A carpet is something that adds splash of color to the dull space. We can add a carpet under the center table which improves the look of the living room.

Some popular styles of carpets are:

  1. Multi Color Carpets
  2. Textured Carpets
  3. Pattern Carpets
  4. Frieze Carpets
  5. Plush Carpets
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3. Indoor Plants:  We can place indoor plants next to the television unit or any corner to give the living room a peaceful view. When you embellish interior spaces with houseplants, they not only add greenery to the room, but also complement our lives with positive vibes.

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4. Chandelier: At the center of the living room you can decorate the ceiling with chandelier.  While choosing a chandelier, it is essential to consider the size of your room. The furnishings should be proportional to your remaining room. Your selected light fixture should not dominate your space.

5. Wall Decor: You can adorn the living space by including the wall lamps to illuminate the appearance of the hall.  Personal photographs and wall paintings can be hung on the wall to intensify the look.

6. Small Improvements: You can make small improvements by adding colorful cushion covers to the sofas which provide a vivid look. Placing some show case items on the television unit also works great.  To make it look more elegant add some flower vases to the side tables which improves the overall look and helps in removing the emptiness in the corners.

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