Different types of braids for your Spring Break Trip

Different types of braids for your Spring Break Trip

There are so many different types of braids that it can be hard to keep track. Spring break is coming up, which means it’s time to start planning your trip! One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is what hairstyle to wear.

It’s so nice to take a fresh braid on a fun and flirty Spring Break trip , I can be cute while enjoying a low maintenance hairstyle. Now, just because braids are protective doesn’t mean they have to be boring and if you’re like me you opt for the style that will accentuate the vibe you’re looking to give. Here are my picks for the must wear different types of braids for the Spring Break season this year.

Top Knot Braided Bun

The top knot braided bun comes in handy when you want to keep your hair out of your face and swim freely. Add stylish zigzags and alternate braid sizes to really make this style pop while your walking down the beach. Hair is also less likely to frizz in this hair style.

Knotless Bob Braids

Bob braids have been a favorite for vacation braid styles because they don’t call to much trouble. You can add some curly hair for a boho and beachy hair look that screams fun in the sun. Create a quick ponytail for a half up and half down look.

Styled Cornrows To The Back

Nothing says Spring Break braid quite like the cornrow and you’ll do great by adding a stylish part to make it really stand out. Beach goers can be seen adding lots of color into their styles taking on the fun and festive vibe of the break. Go as short or as long as you want and you can even twist your hair into a back ponytail for some quick versatility.

Magical Mohawk Braided Style

Imagine yourself dipping and diving or taking a quick sip in a sassy Mohawk up do braided masterpiece. Styles like the one pictured allows your scalp to breathe freely while you’re out on your springtime adventures. A pop of color at the top of your Mohawk finishes the style with a little bit of flava.

Ombre Knotless Braid

Slay the waves and catch the vibe with your light and colorful Ombre knotless this Spring Break season. Knotless braids go easily up into bun hairstyles and half up and half downs which are perfect options to style on the beach and beyond.


What I love the most about each style listed is its versatility when it comes to unique styling and water resistant ability that allows you to truly let it break free and get wet and wild while being fearless this Spring Break season. Take on your favorite from this list and comment below on the style that speaks to you the most and do follow my blog for more!

Author: Kayla Luster CEO Sassebeauti

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