Wall mirrors – Different styles according to your house

wall mirrors

Wall mirrors are the best decorative items for every home. It is not only a mirror but also the decorative item that brings a classy look and reflects your taste. Do you wanna make a change in your living room / bedroom? Try to update from small things like wall mirrors and tables. It gives you a redecorated finish to your house. There are many styles of mirrors but we’ve put together some of the best styles that will give your house the best look. 

1. Entrance

Grabbing a mirror in the entrance can give you a perfect look. If you are a party person and have many guests at home then try this. You will love the look as the mirror in the hallway gives you a perfect entrance. You can choose according to your style one big mirror or one with small styled mirrors will be good.

2. The Fireplace Mantel

If you have a good looking fireplace in your house. Then it is the perfect place to hang a mirror. Hang a circular mirror which goes with your house style. Instead of having an old painting, having a mirror gives a classy look to your house / a mansion. Choose the mirror according to your house theme.

3. Corner

A corner can be a perfect place if you are not a plant person. Yet you don’t want the corner to be wasted then add a dressing mirror. Choosing a full length mirror gives you a studio feel & perfect place for pictures to be clicked. 

4. An empty wall

an empty wall mirrors

Do you have an empty wall at home and don’t know what to do? Try to place all sizes of mirrors on the wall. Make sure the mirrors match your wall color. If you have bright colors on the wall, this mirrors placement helps you to brighten up your room. 

5. Window Wall Mirrors

wall mirrors opposite to window

If your window has a great view place the wall mirror opposite to the window to capture the beautiful scenery. The reflection gives you a beautiful look and brings the beauty and the light into the room. Place the mirror according to your window style.

6. Closet Mirrors

closet mirrors

As in the name the mirrors are on the closet like mirrored doors. Which gives you a pleasant look in your bedroom. This is more helpful to get ready in an easy way.

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