Foot Spa – How to do it at home

foot spa

Foot spa helps with your blood circulation, reduces the pain and relaxes the muscles. A long day at shopping can leave your legs in pain. Once in a while your legs need to be pampered.

Everyone needs a foot spa being a child who plays a lot in the ground / woman who works at home and house. Taking a spa day for the whole family costs a fortune so here we bought how to do foot spa at home. 

Saloon feeling at house

Set the environment. Make sure to get all things ready beforehand. When you are for a spa day it is not only the relaxation you give to your body but the environment. Yes, change in the environment is a must. Add pleasant music to your day and get ready the lukewarm water and some magazines / TV shows you like. Make sure to get the aromatic candles ready. This will make the spa day more like a saloon.

Foot Soak 

The basic first thing to do in a foot spa is to soak your foot. Make sure to add salt to the lukewarm water. You can also add epsom salt as well. Make sure the water filled in the tub covers your ankles. You can also add essential oils / rose petals to your tub. This may help your legs be more softer than usual. 

Let your feet soak for 20 mins. In the meantime you can have a face sheet on your face and enjoy the music / watch your favorite TV show. Sip your favorite drink in the meantime. If you have any backyard / space for some garden make sure to keep your spa time there with your family members / friends.


After all your legs are soaked up it’s time to brush off the mud. If you have a pumice stone make sure to use it. If not you can also use an exfoliation brush. Try to exfoliate your cracks with the pumice stone. You exfoliate for 5 mins each foot. You can also use a scrub for your feet. After it is done gently wash it off.

Foot Massage

Make sure to massage your foot after exfoliating it. You can use your hands for the massage / a marble roller which soothes you. A simple massage will help your legs to be on track. 


Moisturize your feet with your favorite moisturizer and let your feet relax. You can stop here or you continue with a pedicure.


Clean your nails and shape them in a way you want them. Once done you can remove the existing nail polish with a remover and add your favorite. Make sure to add a transparent nail polish on top of your nail polish to give it a finishing.

Types of foot soaks 

There are many types of foot soaks you can try. Here I’ve bought you 3 of my favorites. 


Yea! For this foot soak you will need 2 cups of coffee mixed in hot water. Add a half cup of epsom salt and 3/4th cup of honey. 


For this you need dried chamomile flowers / chamomile tea bags. Add 10 drops of lavender essential oil and 3 – 4 tbsps. Of honey.

Coconut Milk

In this add one cup of coconut milk and any essential oil of your choice will do.

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