Friendship Day Gift Guide

Happy International Friendship Day 2020. A true friend is always priceless and rare.  In this pandemic situation it’s tough to meet your loved friends even if you are near. But it’s always nice to tell a friend how much you care and send them a little gift once in a while, isn’t it? And what better way than a day dedicated to friendship?

Friendship Day Gifts for Her


Yellow flowers symbolize friendship, joy and happiness. You could send her a pot of yellow beauties for her garden. If you don’t want flowers to be the main gift, you could simply add a single yellow rose to any other Friendship Day special gift you may send her.


If your friend is the one who enjoys fragrances, a friendship day gift could be a set of scented candles, potpourri, or a DIY aromatherapy kit.

If she’s a fan of aromatherapy, she probably already has the basics. You could get her a set of essential oils or go with some essential oil diffuser jewelry!


If your friend is the one who loves to frame moments, then frame your best moments together that made your friendship as enduring as it is. There’s nothing more tear-jerking and heart-warming than little frames of those amazing memories together. So why not give them a classic photo frame / a customized fridge magnet/ a custom mobile case

Hand Made:

Who doesn’t love handmade gifts? You can give them personalized gifts with their preferences and the content can be your personal choice which describes your bond. A scrapbook is a handmade Friendship Day special gift like no other! All you have to do is get some of your favorite memories together and find someone who is good at doing crafts. There are so many online sites on instagram / on other websites who make them with love. If you haven’t come across any such sites, you can try this one for a reasonable price.

Friendship Day Gifts for Him

What about him? Who said a man doesn’t love a good gift? Making it personalized, though it can be a bit tough. Don’t worry; here are a few ideas to help you out!

Bike / Garage:

Every man loves their bike more than anything. Try to give some stickers for his bike, personalized key chains / some accessories for his bike / a garage. We all have that one friend who loves spending time in the garage. Why not help him liven up the walls with some vintage posters or some custom stickers for his tools and furniture?


Try gifting him some useful things like a Deodorant gift combo, wallets, watches / Bracelet or some accessories he might want.

A book:

Got a friend who is a bookworm? There is no better gift than a good book. Get a special edition of a series or an exclusive hardback and see the kind of happiness it brings in your bestie’s life!


You can gift a shirt or a jacket which he’s been thinking of buying from a specific brand, but backed off due to some reasons. You can also try giving a hoodie or a robe which wouldn’t be too formal.

Indoor Plants:

A plant makes a perfect gift no matter what the occasion is. A plant can improve a person’s mood and does a lot of good with respect to health, it is definitely a considerable option. Knowing plant symbolism helps you pick more meaningful and personalized ones. Lucky bamboo, Bonsai, Jade Terrarium, Aloe vera are some of the good choices

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