Geneva, Switzerland – The 15 Best Places To Visit In Here

Geneva Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland is a huge area and is filled with a lot of beautiful locations. It is surrounded by France. The rest of Geneva is connected to Switzerland by a lake. This charming city has many natural beauty places which will make every traveler visit here at least once. If you are already here then we’ve already got down 15 best places to visit in Geneva.

The Geneva Water Fountain, Switzerland

It is the largest water fountain in Geneva you will see. Geneva is the beauty of landmarks. It is the most visited tourist spot. Originally it was not a tourist spot but eventually it became one. This is the very first thing you will notice when you enter Geneva by plane. The Geneva water fountain’s water reaches 140 m high in the air. It is one of the prominent places you will visit in Geneva.

St. Pierre Cathedral 

St. Pierre Cathedral in Geneva, Switzerland was built as a roman cathedral but changed into a Reformed Protestant Church. The cathedral’s interior is adorned with fourth-century mosaics, 12th-century columns, and 15th-century frescoes. It’s a must-see for art lovers. 

Recent visitors recommend paying 5 Swiss francs ($5) or buying a Geneva Pass (which includes entry) so you can climb the church’s towers. 

Admission to St-Pierre Cathedral Geneva is free. The church is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., varying slightly by day and season. Unfortunately, there are no facilities available on site.

Musée Ariana

Musee Ariana is an architectural sight. Its ceiling is filled with stars. This place was built at the end of the 19th century. It is of ceramic and glass artwork. Further this shows the history of the glass and manufacture of ceramic from middle age to modern age. It is one of the greatest museums specializing in the art of fire.

Parc de La Perle du Lac

This is one of the beautiful parks in Geneva. It has a wide variety of trees and many breathtaking views. It has been a beautiful site for over 2000 years. You can have a pleasant evening walk with your family and enjoy the beautiful sceneries.

Bâtie Woods

If you are a person who loves animals and nature then this is the best place. It is totally filled with trees. It is a place filled with games and a zoo too. I think this is the best place where kids have the most fun. It is 12 hectares of natural forest. As a result the walks are just a bliss filled with beautiful trees and the greenery is a glory to watch. 

Quai du Mont-Blanc

It is a lakeside area with great views of Mont Blanc and also it is surrounded by flowers, gardens and statues. It is a great place to relax. Just add it to a day where you can relax for an hour by just watching the waterfront view. You can also go on a boat trip there if you want. The water will be crystal clear and it will be so refreshing to watch it with a walk. 


Geneve Plage is also a beautiful lakefront park with a lovely view. You can have a picnic day over here. It is just 10 mins away from the city center. Make sure you don’t miss this place when you are near it. This park features an Olympic swimming pool, beach volleyball and many more sports. In addition to it there are food and drinks are also available by the beachside restaurant and bar.

Téléphérique du Salève

Téléphérique du Salève is a passenger cable box where it connects Veyrier and with the Salève ridge. It is at the height of 432 m. It has a sharp edge at 600m where it travels an overall length of 1100m. The box can carry 60 people in each one. It runs frequently in summer and on weekends. In winter the service is not so regular and has a limited service.

Mon Repos Park

It is a park with a beautiful mountain and lake view. It has plenty of benches / walk paths you can decide to walk or just have a relaxed sitting view. You can cycle here with your loved ones with many criss-crossing paths. This place is also 10 – 15 mins from the city center.

Giant Chess Boards

You really enjoy this place. There are many giant chess boards here where you can catch one and have a game with your family member. It is a simple place to visit on your resting day. Just to have some fun and go back easily. Finally you can have a simple game and have lunch there and can get back to your room.

Phare des Pâquis

This is such a scenic view of a lighthouse. The blues down the lighthouse and above the lighthouse is such a beauty. There is a path which goes all the way to the lighthouse.

Pont des Bergues

Besides the scenic view there is a bridge too. where no cars or any vehicles are allowed. This bridge leads to a lovely island called Ile Rousseau.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is the deepest lake. The lake is in between Switzerland and France. Another beautiful spot here is the marine port and a fountain which is visible from many corners of the city. A boat trip is a must with the scenic view. In fact it is a must visit place and one of the top attractions of Geneva.


Zermatt is a renowned place for ice skiing and hiking. If you love to climb mountains then this is the best place for it. It is a 3 hour drive from Geneva, Switzerland. Zermatt is one of the most attractive village in all of them as it is located below the Matterhorn peak. This place also offers outdoor sports in other seasons like summer.


Geneva to Interlaken is a 2hr 35 min drive. This is a well known tourist place and it is also a traditional resort town built on a narrow stretch in a valley. They also have timber houses on both sides of the Aare River. This place is surrounded by dense forests and mountains. This place also has a number of skiing and hiking trails.

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