Going back to the office? Here are a few precautions to be followed

As it is time for most of the sectors to get back to work, there are some fundamental things that we need to keep in mind as we step out of our homes. It is understood that the restrictions are eased in order to bring the economy back to life; this doesn’t mean that the Covid-19 is out of our lives. Now that it is the responsibility of every individual to take care of themselves which in turn saves many lives.  Though thermal screenings and sanitization facilities have been deployed at the major public places, it does not eliminate the need for us to be cautious in our own way. Corona has brought many changes in everyone’s life regarding social distance and personal hygiene. Let us know some of the defensive measures that we need to stick to in these tough times:

  • Not only when you are at the office, whenever you are going out use the mask.
  • Office sanitizers are used by everyone, it’s better to carry your own sanitizer. If not, try to carry a soap paper or soap with you.
  • Carrying your own things to the office like water bottles, spoons and coffee cups is also a considerable option to stay away from the virus.
  • Also, keep your laptop and mobile phone charger to yourself.
  • Don’t use the lift in your office – if unavoidable, try to handle the lift buttons with tissue. 
  • Make internal rules within the organization in such a way that only two to three people can travel in the lift at a time. Don’t touch the railing walls and side walls in case you use the stair case.
  • Even though you travel in your own vehicles, make sure you sanitize the car door handle, dashboard, steering wheel, gear lever and seating belt. Practise the same safety measures for two wheelers too.
  • Go light on your office wear. It’s better if you avoid wearing blazers, pullovers and ties.
  • Never remove your face mask when you are at the office and do clean it daily.
  • Make sure you maintain at least 6 feet distance with any of your colleagues. Instead of assembling in a closed room for meetings, prefer web conferencing.
  • Do not forget to sanitize your desktop, laptop, keyboard and mouse before you start your work. Always keep your desk clean.
  • Try to handle the office doors using tissues / sanitize after touching the door.  Though there isn’t enough evidence stating that papers carry Covid-19 virus, better use gloves while touching the office stationery.
  • Sanitize the office landline keypad before using.
  • Dispose the mask and gloves daily in a closed bin if they ain’t reusable.
  • Make sure you leave your belongings outside the home and sanitize the necessary ones before getting them inside.
  • Try to clean your clothes by yourself, do not let others touch them.
  • Do Not go to the office if you find any of the Covid-19 symptoms. 

Though following all these steps might be a little tedious and time consuming, they are worth doing as they save ‘n’ number of lives around us.

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