Gym Motivation –  10 tips to get you up and moving

Gym motivation

Everyone in their lives searches for gym motivation. But is it really tough to makeup to the gym? I don’t think so if you have a proper plan. So what things you need to make a plan. Here we are with 10 important tips for your gym motivation.

Maybe this is the time that we should think of new habits. Which will help in changing our lifestyle to be a better person. In my experience, you can add exercise ( gym, yoga ) to your daily routines. Many of us are strong in the starting phase where we plan to go. But the real trouble starts when you don’t be active/energetic while going to the gym. I myself find trouble in going to the gym. So I made sure to follow these steps which made my day easy.

Set your goals

Motivation for fitness starts with remembering why you have set up your goals. Ask yourself why gym motivation is needed? Is it for losing weight? Gain strength? Or regain your energy back. To put it simply, I recommend you to set shorter-term goals. Before working on longer-term ones.

Make sure that your objectives are possible and achievable. Sometimes achieving unrealistic goals can make you lose motivation and give up. Whenever you are facing struggle & thinking of giving up, just look back at your goals and stay on track. It gives you some extra motivation.

Team up with your friends or family

If you are alone and trying to give up on exercising. Then invite friends or family who always give you gym motivation all the time. Include them in your workout plan, have daily workout plans, and play some games (badminton, tennis…) alongside your workout. Having them around inspires you to move. You will have a team / a company which will never make you feel bored. I always exercise with my sister which gives more energy.

Gym Motivation Music

Music has always been said to be a powerful motivator. Yes! Trust me it really works. Making a habit of listening to the loud sounds of music while workouts can boost your self-confidence. It will make you more likely to work out for longer periods of time.


Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the best ways to keep your fitness goals and boost your motivation. Learning the basics of a healthy balanced diet is tough. It can make a huge difference when it comes to weight loss and improving fitness. Most important thing is to realize that eating too few calories can drain our energy. Likewise eating too much can counteract our results. Don’t be afraid to ask an expert for guidance.

I guess many of you use social media for the abundance of ideas and tips which often lead to confusion. Better meet a nutritionist and clarify what kinds of foods are better when you exercise. Eating junk food and going to the gym is equal to not doing gym. One cheat day is okay for everyone. Another better option is to search for a better personal trainer. Who can help you to suggest workouts and a healthy right diet.

Don’t wait for others to motivate you, Self-motivation is best

Having a regular check of your weight and shaping of your body is also important. Make sure you fit into your old favorite dresses. It can also be a part of self motivation. Also, reward yourself when you see the continuous change in you. Whenever you feel like you are about to reach your goals. Make sure to be in your old shape and have a good diet. It will definitely makes your partner/boyfriend have more interest in you. 


Yes, being organized the day before helps you a lot to move to the gym. Be ready with your kit the day before. Have some gym clothes ready and make a workout plan of what you should do in the gym. Like cardio on Mondays, abs workout on Tuesday, and core workout on Sunday. Make sure you don’t miss a day of workouts. Plan your days according to your and your gym trainer’s comfort.

Make some homework out plans in case you have to miss a day. Do it in your comfortable time but make sure to do it. Even if you miss a day your body relaxes and that continues.

Make a note

If your goal is to lose weight or gain your strength back. Make a note of your diet plan and put your results on paper on a daily basis. It can help you to stay motivated and excites you to strive even more. Keeping track of your efforts and progress can assist you in reaching your goals and also serve as a reminder that you are making progress.

Morning Activity

Make your alarm ring and let the gym be your morning activity. Even if you are not a morning person try to wake up early and make sure you work out. I bet your day goes in a happy way. In the evening you can work out but that doesn’t affect your day, be happy or fresh. Make sure you sleep early and wake up in the morning.

Be Good to yourself

It is okay if your body urges for a break or a rest for a couple of days. Go easy on yourself, the important thing is to get back. Make sure you take a break as this is not an easy task. Make sure you gain your energy and get back on the right track.

Let your steam out

Be sure to let your steam out. The world is facing so much everyone has their own issues. Do a little bit of meditation and make your sleep timings better. Wake up and make sure to do a simple exercise or just a 30 min walk in the morning. In the fresh air let out your steam. If you are a spa person. Book your appointment beforehand and have fun with your besties.

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