Halloween themes – Decoration, Costumes for Adults & Teens

Halloween themes

My Halloween themes are good to go. Are you ready for your party? Not yet! Don’t worry, We got you some of the best Halloween themes & decoration ideas. 

Every awesome party starts with its décor. So make sure to have a perfect décor according to your theme. So first you need to select a theme. Here are some suggestions.

Halloween themes

Halloween themes
  1. Haunted House

    According to this theme, decorate your home with all the haunted scenes and make the corners more scary with realistic wall paintings. To make it look more scary don’t leave the ceiling empty. To make it more fun, lock the doors of some rooms and add the key somewhere. So whoever found it can be upgraded to the next level of haunted house 😉 

  2. Spooky  

    It can be a house full of ghosts and a lot of pumpkins in the house. Make it look more ghosty and you can have ghost movie scenes playing on the television or a projector.

  3. Vampire Diaries

    Ah, This can be the best choice for teenage groups. You can even select your characters as in the web series. And pretend to be the character all night! Make sure to add more blood / drinks that are red to your house to make it look like a vampire house 😉 

  4. Nightmares  

    Every person has a nightmare and shares it to the group. You may find every night mare in your group and add them to the theme of our house. That really gave me a creepy feeling. Try to find out the worst nightmare to have more fun. Your gang later can share the experiences related to the nightmares. Few Moments later… This incident is based on true stories ;p

  5. Murder Mystery

    Set up a theme like a murder scene and the group of gang of murderers and a series of police people to investigate. Let’s just see who can be the person to find out the murderer/ will they set them free ;p

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes actually go with the themes mostly. So, selecting your Halloween themes is where the 50 percent of the work is done. Choose your favorite character that resembles well in your theme. Not only hero you can choose your favorite villain and break all the stereotypes. Here are a few more suggestions for Halloween costumes not based on Halloween themes.

Easy Halloween costumes for adults:

1. Squid Game Costume

If you have a bunch of people in your party. Then you can actually try the squid game costumes and stick to the characters. Think who is 01 ;p

2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Wanna make it fun? Then try the bunny costume and the black cat / wonder woman costumes from the friends series. See who Chandler is 😂.

3. LED Costumes

If you are having a night party. LED theme costumes are much better and scary. 

4. Game of Thrones Costume

You can always love any kind of show but the costumes they do nah! Some costumes are really special. You always wanted to try them but the only way we can use them outside is in the Halloween themes. I especially like the  dragon queen’s Qarth costume. 

5. Money Heist Costume

You can have the masks and play the real game of finding money while a group of normal people hide them. You can also make it into a murder mystery and finding the culprit who is one among yourselves.

6. Sabrina Spellman Costume

My personal favorite is always simple & special costume. A simple red dress, belt & a hair band can do magic. 

Halloween costumes for teens

Teen costumes are always special and fun. So let’s get started.

1. The Adventures of Shark boy and Lava girl

This is the one where everyone gets nostalgic. Having a simple pink wig and the costume is the way to go. 

2. Bridgeton Costume

This one makes you feel like you’re a member of a royal family. A long gown, tiara and gloves will make you look like you are from a Regency era.

3. K-POP Girl group

If you are a k-pop fan girl then this is the perfect costume to go with. A simple tee and a short skirt will give you a perfect look. Do not forget to add a head worn mic.

4. Powerpuff Girls Costume

Sugar, spice and everything nice. This a simple costume. Choose your character between Buttercup, bubbles & blossom and do the similar hairstyles. If you wanna go in a group powerpuff girls costume is the best for friends.

Let me know what is your favorite costume for this Halloween. Happy Haunting.

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