Home made Dominos Veg Pizza – Without Oven

Veg Pizza is a flat, open-faced baked pie of Italian origin, consisting of a thin layer of bread dough topped with spiced tomato sauce and cheese, often garnished with veggies, cheese slices, panner, etc.

Dominos Pizza is the best pizza but have you ever tried a dominos pan pizza at home? Did you get the same way? If not, here is the recipe, give it a try.

Veg Pizza Ingredients:

  • Ready Made Pizza Base(Available in any bakery or supermarket)
  • Pizza sauce and Tomato Sauce(Store bought)
  • 2 Cheese Slice
  • Onion, Capsicum, Tomato each one
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Veg Pizza Preparation Method:

  • Pre-heat an empty pan with a lid for 15 minutes.
  • Place the ready made pizza base on a plate and apply a spoon of water to the pizza base so that it doesn’t get hard while baking it.
  • Now apply a spoon of pizza sauce and a spoon of tomato sauce to the base.
  • Now spread the cheese pieces or grated cheese on the base
  • Add a layer of vegetables of your choice on the cheese spread base. I added onion, capsicum and tomato. You can also add paneer, mushroom or olives.
  • You can cover the vegetables layer with another layer of cheese if you wish to.
  • Now apply a spoon of cooking oil around the pizza base so that crest will be crispy
  • For the next step, place a stand on the heated pan and place the pizza plate on the stand and cover with a lid.
  • Let the pizza bake for 20 minutes or till the cheese is melted completely whichever happens faster.
  • Add toppings of your choice like oregano, chili flakes etc..
  • Cut the pizza into slices using a pizza cutter or a knife.
  • Don’t forget to taste the pizza with tomato sauce. It tastes yummy ๐Ÿ™‚


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