Greasy Food – How to prevent its after effects

greasy food

Once in a while you can’t avoid having greasy food. Your cravings / a compulsory meet with your friends / family. Having greasy food / oily food is not an issue but getting rid of the bad cholesterol is tougher. The foods that contain cholesterol increase in more diseases related to heart, diabetes. So, here if you ever had more oily foods / greasy food make sure to follow these steps.

What should you do after having greasy food

1. Water

The only way to get rid of waste in our body is water. Drink lukewarm water as much as possible. Drinking more water helps with dehydration & constipation. If enough water is not taken, water is taken from the intestine for digestion. If immediately hot water is taken it helps with cholesterol fats near the arteries. 

2. Detox Drink

Detox drinks help in flushing the wastage from consuming greasy food. A simple detox drink is to have green tea with lemon. It is already proven that green tea with lemon helps you get rid of unnecessary body fats and lose weight.

3. Walk

After having a heavy meal if your body rests after consuming greasy food / oily foods. It will increase the fat content. So make sure to take a 30 min slow walk after having a heavy meal / breakfast.

4. Next Meal

Plan your next meal as a healthy one. Try to lessen the oil and balance the lunch and plan to have a healthy meal after having junk food like more veggies and juices. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking more water and having a lite meal. 

5. Probiotics

Probiotics are good bacteria that can have healthy benefits by consuming them. These probiotics can be found in yogurt & curd. This good bacteria helps you in many ways such as fighting the bad bacteria and helping your body work well.

6. Vitamins

Make sure to consume enough dry fruits / nuts. If your every day diet doesn’t meet the vitamins / minerals you need. Please make sure to contact the dietitian and take all other supplements. 


Eat happily but not stomach fully. Make sure to eat in a limited way and satisfy your cravings once in a week & have a healthy diet daily. Practicing these things after having a greasy food / oily food helps you from bad cholesterol & fats.

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