How to decorate your child’s bedroom

Decorating your kid’s room can be the sweetest thing, remember you are creating a space for your little one to play and to grow so it should always be a good experience, though it is a tough one. Need a little advice? Here we go …

Do not over decorate which makes it tough to make it up each item in their place. Pickup the minimum furnishing, so you can create more space to play and it is easy to update in the future. Choose more attractive colors to make the room look brighter.


Floor Décor: When your little one isn’t little anymore they are going to need their own beds. When it comes to children’s bedroom their bed should be more interesting than boring which will make them hop into it as soon as they can. Now-a-days there are many kinds of beds like:  

  • Cribs
  • Panel Beds
  • Bunk beds
  • Bookcase beds
  • Kid’s trundle beds
  • Storage beds
  • Wall beds
  • Loft beds

Choose any kind of bed that suits the rooming space, color etc., Need space for two kids. Try arranging L shape beds for twins as pictured it gives you more space for the play area.

Try  some basic furniture like

  • Children’s table
  • Children’s stool
  • Rocky chair
  • A small carpet
  • Toys
  • Bean bag
  • Book shelf

Children’s dresser: You can help your little one to keep his clothes by labeling his / her drawers

Wall Décor: You can add some stickers on the wall as per your kid’s interest or you can hang some sketches / paintings on the wall drawn by your kid. Do not make it look pale. Use some bright colored stickers. You can buy some neon stickers and stick them to your wall, the stickers of their choice definitely attracts them. Add a tiny bed lamp. You can even make a wall as a chalkboard accent wall and give your child the chalk paint and let them do the decorating. You can also add a height chart.

To make the room look more playful you can add a swing, princess mirror shelf, bean bag to make your little girls room beautiful.

For boys try to add some storage crate, toys, video games, cartoon stickers, a kids punching bag and  you can even setup a mini basket ball game kit.

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