How to naturally get bigger lips at home

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Are your lips small and thin? Have you been looking for natural ways to get bigger lips? I got you, girl. Lip that is small are not sexy or attractive, especially nowadays while everyone is filling their lips, over-lining them, or using some tricks to get them bigger! If you feel insecure and uncomfortable with your lip shape, I encourage you to try these natural ways of getting bigger lips from home. 

DIY Treatments:

1. Exfoliation:

The most beneficial step is exfoliating your lips (this step might be enough if you already have medium-size lips). 

Exfoliating helps you get rid of dead skin & flakes, which will boost circulation, and increase blood flow. (it will result in a natural rose color.)  

Put a small amount of your favorite lip scrub on your lips grab a clean toothbrush, and use it on in small circular motions.

2. Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is one of the best ingredients that stimulate blood circulation, which will contribute to the enlargement of your lips. Make a quick DIY mixture by mixing cinnamon with vitamin E oil. You can add sugar (if you don’t use it immediately ), you can place it in a small container.  

Rub it on your lips, and wipe it off with a wet towel or rinse it. Now, enjoy your natural, plump. 

3. Lip masks:

Lip masks are a quick, healthy way to give your lips a fantastic plump.  

I recommend purchasing lip masks infused with collagen. They help minimize the appearance of fine lines and make your lips look smoother and plumper.  

Place the mask directly on your lips for a few minutes so the collagen and the other beneficial ingredients can sink into your giving you the best result. 

 4. Lip Balm:

Lip balm is an essential part of your beauty routine. Your lips need moisturizing, that means they need to be hydrated inside and out. Drink water, and swipe on a lip balm that will soften, moisturize, and prepare your lips. 

5. Lip Oil:

Lip oil is like a lip balm but with nourishing properties. It helps lips appear fuller by filling in dehydrated lines with moisture and adding shine. It can be used alone, as a lip prep underneath your favorite lipstick, or it can be used before the lip balm and overtop it with your lipstick.   

DIY Hacks:

1. Overline your lip:

This is a pretty simple hack that most girls are using nowadays (even those who got their lips filler) to achieve the best results here are the tips

  • Start by highlighting your cupid’s bow and contouring underneath your lower lip (that will gimminate your lip).
  • Draw directly on your lip line (or a little outside it) with your lip liner, making sure to tap your liner in as you reach the out corners of your mouth.
  •  After that, fill in the outer perimeters of your lips with the liner, then contour the middle as you can see in the photo.
  • Finally apply your lip gloss, and enjoy your plumpness!

2. Use lip Injection Plumper:

If you need a big plumper lip without doing filler, you can lean on lip injections plumper. This will give you the desired result in no time at low cost. (thanks to the ingredients that stimulate blood circulation).

Try the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper that has been hyped up lately on Tik-Tok. 

3. Use a plumping lip electric machine:

Do you want a big, deep, more permanent lip plumper, but you aren’t ready for cosmetic surgery? This is the best option for you then.

The electric plumping machine uses electronic stimulation and suction to increase blood flow to the lips, causing your it to blush beautifully with increased size and color. It will last for 10 hours once it is done. Later on it may last longer if you use it repeatedly. I recommend using the electronic plumping machine JuvaLips.

4. Use the Kylie Lip Kit:

Do you want fuller-looking lips but without filler or cosmetic surgery? If so, the Kylie Lip Kits have been created just for you! 

Use the Lip kit by lining outside your natural lip shape by using the lip liner, and fill in your lip with it.

After applying the liner then use the matte lipstick on top of it and finish it with a gloss for the middle of your lips. This will get you an appearance of fuller-looking bigger lips. 

About Author:

This article is written by Farah Ismael, a makeup and beauty writer.

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