How to Replace Saturated Fat in Your Diet?


Saturated Fat is considered a taboo world in the fitness industry. Most people think that fat is very harmful to the body and rightfully so. Every fitness book and every fitness experts explain that consuming fat will only make it difficult to control the weight and if you keep eating enough fat this will eventually lead to extreme obesity and heart attack. However, one of the very important aspects that most people forget is that there are two different kinds of fats. Saturated fat or animal-based fat is usually considered bad because it increases the cholesterol level easily. On the contrary, there is unsaturated fat which is usually plant-based and they are really good for health. Contrary to animal-based fat, unsaturated plant-based fat helps in reducing cholesterol and doesn’t impact weight. Most fitness enthusiasts add unsaturated fat through various plant-based sources mainly through seeds and fruits.

With the help of this article, we will mainly talk about the difference between started and unsaturated fat. We will further discuss how you can easily replace started fat with simple unsaturated fat that will improve your health.

Saturated fat vs Unsaturated fat

The basic difference between saturated and unsaturated fat is that saturated fat usually gets hard and solid at room temperature. On the contrary, if we see unsaturated fat it stays liquid. This is the reason we also call unsaturated fats oil. The natural saturated fat is not as dangerous as an artificial saturated fat that is made by adding hydrogen to the oil. As a result of this process, oil becomes solid at room temperature. The best way to stay healthy is to switch to oils and natural fat sources.

There are so many different ways you can consume fat without using saturated fat content. We will list down different oil preferences that you can use in different recipes. Since most people find it hard to cook without fat, especially for frying and just to enhance the flavor by grilling the meat or toasting the bread. We will also list down how you can replace all these fat sources with a healthy option.

Replace Saturated Fat in Your Diet

There are so many different food sources that can supply you with enough fats that you do not have to consume fat content separately. One of the best sources is to use fish because it has a good amount of oil that your body needs. Apart from this nuts and roasted dry fruits are very good sources.

How to Replace Saturated Fat in Your Diet?


For frying, you can use palm oil, olive oil, and sunflower oil.


For cooking, you can use sunflower oil as well as coconut oil and fish oil. However, if you do not like the smell of fish oil or coconut oil you can also use olive oil.

Flavor Enhancement

For flavor enhancement and glazing purposes, you can use egg yolk or olive oil mixture. It will keep the upper layer firm while enhancing the flavor. Apart from this, most people like to add peanut butter to enhance the flavor and it is also a very good option.


To sum it all up, fat is not necessarily bad for your body. Just like other food sources and elements our body needs fat as well. However, depending on the source of fat, the amount of fat, and the quality of fat your body will receive it differently. While selecting the type of fat you need to keep in mind that this will eventually impact your overall health. If you live in a cold climate fat can help you keep your body warm so if you do not consume enough fat content this will eventually lead to hypothermia and your skin will become brittle and dry. The best method to keep your skin hydrated is by consuming good fats, especially omega-three fatty acids that are available in fruits like avocado, nuts, fish oil, and olive oil.

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