Instagram launches short videos as REELS

Instagram REELS:  Here is how you can create videos like Tiktok using Instagram reels, which just launched in India. Facebook has been testing Instagram Reels in a few countries including Brazil, Germany, France and now this feature arrives in India. Facebook thought this is the best time to bring the reels to India as the government imposed a ban on Tiktok and there is a huge demand for such an app which lets the users to make 15 seconds short videos.

REELS is launched in India on 8th July 2020, 7:30 PM. The feature is being tested in India, and based on the response the feature will be available for every user shortly.

As Titkok is banned in India, short video apps such as ROPOSO, Mitron, Chingari are gaining popularity everyday. Facebook uses this REELS opportunity to attract 200 Million Tiktok users.

Reels isn’t a separate app like Tiktok, it’s just a feature created inside the Instagram application, which means millions of Instagram users in India will have this opportunity to try the new feature.

How to create Instagram Reels:

As this is just a test not all users might receive the update.

  • To check if the update is available, Open Play store / App store check if the update is available and install the update.
  • After installing the update, open Instagram camera.
  • REELS option will be available next to Boomerang.
  • Click on REELS and select the audio from Instagram Music Library.
  • REELS also lets the users use effects and provides options like timer, speed and to edit videos before sharing.
  • After creating the video, users can choose to share their videos to their followers on Instagram.
  • Users with the public Instagram can share this to everyone and on Explore. This provides an opportunity to be seen / discovered by the wider Instagram Community.

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