Latest Korean Drama 2021 – 25 shows to watch


Here we are with the Latest Korean drama 2021 list to get you out of boredom. It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming in the new year & now we’re already in the second half of the year just a few months down and this year has given us many kdramas. This list includes both underrated & popular Korean dramas in 2021 so make sure to read the entire article. Check how many you’ve seen and how many you’ll add to your watchlist.

1. Vincenzo: 

Song jong ki & Ok Taecyeon in one frame? You definitely need to make time for this drama. Vincenzo Cassano was adopted at a young age & moved to Italy.  He is a lawyer, for the mafia, and Don Fabio’s right-hand man. After Don Fabio is dead, his family tries to kill Vincenzo. So he flew to Korea to get the tons of gold that was secretly stashed in the basement of Geumga Plaza.

However, a real estate company which is a subsidiary of Babel Group has taken ownership of Geumga plaza illegally. Vincenzo meets Cha Young who is an attorney of the Babel Group and also the tenant of Geumga plaza. Later, she resigns herself from the Babel group and joins the Vincenzo and the tenants to attain justice for the Guemga plaza where her father’s law firm is there.

The last episode got the highest rating of 14% Nationwide. Korean drama Vincenzo has everything every binge-watch lover asks for romance, laughs, friendships, and unexpected twists given by the villains.

Q: Where to watch Vincenzo kdrama?
A: You can watch this drama on dramacool / Netflix

2. Taxi Driver: 

It is not a normal taxi company. Rainbow taxi company offers its customers a special service, where the taxi driver will be in charge of taking revenge on behalf of the victims ( passengers of the taxi ). Unable to get justice from the law, people call this taxi company to avail the services given by a passionate attorney and I.T Specialist and their crew. Taxi driver Korean drama 2021 is based on the webtoon taxi driver.

Kim Do-gi, who graduates from Korean Military Academy, joins the rainbow taxi company after his mother is murdered by a serial killer.

Q: Taxi driver Korean drama 2021 cast
A: Lee Ji-hoon, Pyo Ye-Jin, Esom, Cha Ji Yeon.

hometown cha cha cha kdrama synopsis

3. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha:

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is an ongoing Korean drama. Yoo Hye-jin is a dentist living in a big city. She loses her job after accusing the clinic’s head doctor of taking more money and making profits on the patients. While she is jobless she visits a seaside village Gongjin for a day.

Later, she gets to know that there isn’t a dental hospital nearby. So she opens her own clinic in Gongjin as it fits her budget, where she meets Hong Du-sik who is a master of all jobs and helps everyone in the area. By chance, these two cross paths many times and start to like each other. This is a simple and enjoyable rom-com drama to watch in 2021.

4. Monthly Magazine Home:

This is a landlord-tenant drama full of comedy & romance. Yu Ja-Seong is a man who went from rags to riches and is now the CEO of a real estate investment company and a magazine company. He studied real estate and worked day and night to achieve everything that he has today. One day he runs into a magazine editor Na Young Won who’s been renting a home for the past 10 years. He becomes the cruel landlord who makes his tenants leave their homes all of a sudden. Later she loses her job and joins the magazine company that Ja-Seong owns. This gets more interesting when they try to be on the same platform knowing each other, they fall for one another. 

doom at your service kdrama synopsis

5. Doom at your service:

Park Bo-Young who is famous for strong girl bong soon is now being Tak Dong-kyung, who works so hard as an editor for an E-reading novel company. A single day changes her entire life as she gets to know that she has glioblastoma and only has 3 months to live. She also learns that her boyfriend is a father-to-be and married. Getting scolded by the superior at work she wants to drink her problems away on the terrace. Seeing a shooting star Tak dong drunkenly wishes for the world to be doomed.

Myul Mang is a messenger between the gods and the earthly who can choose a human’s wish to be fulfilled on the day of his birthday. He listens to Tak Dong’s wish and he chooses to fulfill her wish. To make her wish come true, she needs to pay a price. After all, nothing in this world is free. So she agrees with that. If she breaks the deal the most loved person by her will die. So she made up her mind to love Myul Mang, our doom. Both of them truly fall for each other. You have to watch this drama to know how they will escape their fate. According to the terms of Myul Mang’s contract, she has only 100 days to live. Doom at your service webtoon-based drama.

Q: where to watch doom at your service Korean drama
A: Rakuten Viki / Drama Cool

6. So I Married An Anti Fan: 

Ho Joon is a celebrity who is at the opening ceremony of a nightclub. Lee Geun Young is a reporter who is at the party witnessing Hoo Joon’s rude behavior and accidentally throws upon him. Guen Young, who is fired from her job, thinks that it’s all Ho Joon’s doing. So she protested outside his agency. As the news in the entertainment field flew fast everyone gets to know that Lee Guen Young is the anti fan of Hoo Joon.

Making this an opportunity, a TV producer offers a job on the new show with Hoo Joon. Where the star has to live with his biggest anti fan. Moving on they get to be known well on the tv set and fall for each other. So i married an anti-fan Korean drama is a rom-com originally based on the webtoon with the same name.

Q: Where can I watch so I married an anti fan
A: Rakuten Viki / Dramacool

7. Sell Your Haunted House: 

Ji Ah inherits her exorcism abilities from her mother and is the owner of Daebak realty. Where that company sells haunted houses. In bum is a fraud who cons people in the name of exorcism. Ji Ah needs an assistant as the assistant is not available for a few days. In bum passes all the tests and be her assistant and they team up to send the vengeful ghosts lingering in the houses.

Finally, they get to know they had a memory of together in childhood which leads to the death of Ji Ah’s mother’s death and In bum’s uncle’s death. So they together join to solve their mystery. Sell your haunted house kdrama is a supernatural, fantasy drama.

8. Law School:

Law school kdrama, Hankuk University Law School portrays the students and professors of law school. Professor Yang is a strict professor, who is very straightforward and not mostly likable by his students because of his straightforwardness.

One day, while they are in a mock trial class with professor Yang, He gets arrested by the police as he is the main suspect of a murder which is happened in the law school. Kang Sol, Han Joon, and other students who work together believe that Professor Yang isn’t the one murdered and then they will help to reveal the truth behind professor Seo’s death. 

9. The Penthouse: War in life

Penthouse kdrama is all set for the 3rd season. Su Ryeon finally takes revenge on the residents of Hera palace for the death of her daughter Min Seol Ah. Meanwhile, the residents who are sent to jail are back and they try to get back their old lives. Su Ryeon send’s Joo Dan Tae to jail who tries to kill her. She thinks everything is done and wants to have a happy life with Logan Lee. But Logan Lee is killed right in front of Su Ryeon. This starts the revenge for one another once again.

10. Hospital Playlist 2:

The hospital playlist season 2 is back. It is a well-written story that hits close to every home. They are just true-to-life stories. It is a story of 5 friends who attended the same medical school and now work in the same hospital. Each of them specializes in each department like General Surgeon, Pediatric Surgeon, Cardiothoracic surgeon, Gynaecology surgeon, and Neurosurgeon. This story revolves around the five friends and their relationships and their hardships during surgery. This group of friends also happens to be in a band. Which makes the drama more entertaining.

11. Racket Boys: 

The Racket Boys is a story of badminton team boys who are in their middle school in Haenam. Yoon Hyun Jong struggles to meet his family’s needs who once is a good badminton player. He gets to be a coach for this middle school team where there are only 3 players. The 3 players with the coach try to add more people to enter the competitions and win them. 

Meanwhile, Yoon Hyun’s wife, Ra Young Ja, is the coach for the female badminton team where they always rank 1 because of Han Se Yoon & her bestie Lee Han Sol.

12. At a distance, spring is green:

It is a school drama, our male lead is a university student who has the looks and the wealth but he is troubled on the inside. This drama will follow a story of a group of students in their 20’s including two boys who are complete opposites as they navigate the complicated world of university. Park Ji Hoon and Kang Min Ah are teaming up in this drama. It is adapted from a webtoon.  

13. Dark Hole: 

If you want to watch a sci-fi drama then it is the best. Dark hole kdrama in sci – fi 2021. Mysterious dark smoke from a sinkhole turns humans into mutants. What happens if you are in the same place where mutants are? Where you need survival there, a police detective will face her fears as she tries to stay alive in order to capture her husband’s murderer. Also fighting these monsters, a former police officer with a strong sense of justice, who is a native as well. 

You can watch Kim Ok Bin and Lee Joon Hyuk in this sci-fi action thriller dark hole Korean drama. 

14. Voice 4: 

There is an emergency call center where people reach out to them in times of difficult situations. They have a tough time while trying to fight a crime with the very little information they have. An LAPD unit leader & a life saving voice profiler are saving the day of the victims. You will see how they use the little information to catch the criminals. Voice 4 kdrama is a thriller drama.

15. MINE: 

Mine is a kdrama which focuses on a woman who is a leading actress and who tries to free herself from the prejudices of the world. She gives up her career to marry the second son of the chaebol family. This drama shows various subjects like comedy, thriller, mystery, and romance.

16. Hello, Me!: 

You see a woman in her late 30’s struggling to make ends meet and live in fear of being single and being removed from work. As she says hello to her 17-year-old self and realizes how different she was back then compared to how she lives today. Hello me is a fantasy comedy Korean drama that will make you hook up and entertain with the story.

17. Nevertheless:

It is also based on webtoon. The story revolves around a man who does not pursue others. He is flirty with every girl but will never date them. He doesn’t express his feelings to anyone but things will change as he encounters a woman who doesn’t believe in love as she had a failed relationship experience. An uncertain romance begins b/w them. You can watch this latest romantic Korean drama 2021 on Netflix.

18. Yumi’s Cells:

Meet Yumi, who is an ordinary office worker where her love cell is not active after going through a failed relationship. Yumi’s other cells will strive hard to reactivate her love cell. We will see her falling in love again for a game developer. Yumi’s Cells is an ongoing psychological and romance Korean drama.

lovers of the red sky synopsis

19. Lovers of the red sky:

If you are an Ahn Hyo-Seop fan then this is a must-watch drama. In the Joseon dynasty, a young woman named Hong-gi was the first painter. She was born blind but somehow managed to get her sense of sight. Hong GI fell in love with Ha Ram and she is determined to win his heart. Ahn Hyo Seop plays a red-eyed man who loses his eyesight for an unknown accident. He lives his life as an astrologer. They both get stuck in plotting and scheming between the two kings. This is a Romantic fantasy historical Korean drama 2021.

20. The witch’s diner:

A witch has lost track of the number of years she lived. She also believes that she is the oldest person ever. Now she is running a mysterious restaurant. Where she fulfills people’s witches with a special dinner in exchange they have to sacrifice their most valuable thing in life. Song Ji Hyo and Nam Ji Hyun will be in this drama. This is a short drama where there are only 8 episodes. So you can watch it just in a short break. 

21. Imitation:

Imitation is a latest 2021 Korean drama where k-pop stars like ATEEZ, SF9, U-KISS, T-ARA, PRISTIN, G.O.D, and more in one drama may bring extra joy for k-pop fans. This drama brings k-pop groups, soloists, and a lot of drama and love. The tea party is a three-girl group where there is a girl who resembles larima, a popular singer. In a reality tv show where K-pop idols participate in sports, A member of a tea party unintentionally injures a famous idol and it makes others dislike her. Even after this she continues to be on tv shows and do her work. Then she will be casted in the new drama where she faces some new challenges. 

22. My Roommate is a Gumiho:

A 999-year-old 9 tailed fox appears in front of everyone as an attractive and handsome writer. Our gumiho collects human energy in a bead to become a human. In an unexpected situation, it causes the bead to fall out of his mouth into a woman’s mouth, where she swallows it mistakenly. While he tries to figure out how to get the bead out of Lee Dam. They end up living together. The comedy and romantic moments will get more and more interesting as you watch it. This is a fantasy rom-com Latest Korean drama 2021.

23. Youth of May:

In May of 1980, While Go Min Si shouted for democracy, two individuals were caught in the twist of fate. Go Min si is a top-performing student at the Seoul National University. These incidents keep happening until Ido Hyun meets a nurse, who is facing difficulties. However, they end up in love with each other, which was not a part of their plan. Ido Hyun and Go Min Si did their best performance in the youth of may Korean drama 2021.

24. Do do sol: La la sol

Do do sol la la sol is a romantic comedy-drama where Go Ara is a pianist who is wealthy and loses her wealth after her father’s demise. She meets Sunwoo Joon, a mysterious guy who does multi-part-time work. He helps Go Ara to stand on her feet again and build a small place for piano lessons. She then moves to a small town. This is where we get to know the reasons behind why he is helping Go Ara. 

squid game synopsis

25. Squid Game:

It all starts with a mysterious survival game. It has massive prize money of 45.6 Billion Won. A man who is fired from his job and a childhood buddy who has gotten into difficulty at work will participate in the survival game. This game requires its players to draw various geometric shapes on the ground while looking like a squid. It is an ongoing drama so we have to wait and see how the story really unfolds. The squid game has Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo. Gong Yoo is offered a special role in this drama. This is the latest Korean drama in 2021 where everyone is showing lot of interest in this drama.

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