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lee dong wook

Lee Dong wook is a versatile South Korean actor. He has been working as an actor since 1991. He has done many dramas, so it might be tough to choose the best drama he has done. So we’ve listed down the top 10 must watch dramas of Lee Dong Wook. 

1. GOBLIN ( Guardian: the lonely and great god )

Kim Shin ( Gong Yoo ) has been cursed by the almighty and is immortal till the bride of the goblin who is a human must pull the sword that is stuck in his chest forever. Which is only visible to her. He shares his house with the grim reaper without his approval.

Lee Dong wook plays the role of grim reaper. This drama includes a lot of humor and romance. Kim Go Eun plays the role of Eun Tak, she is the goblin bride ( dokkaebi shinbu ). Eun Tak has a tough past where she shouldn’t have been born. Goblin & The grim reaper rivalry changes into a beautiful partnership when they try to protect Eun Tak from the awful fate. 

2. The Tale of Nine Tailed

Lee Dong Wook as Lee Yeon who is a 1000 year old gumiho. He is on a mission to capture a fox who kills humans and eats them. Jo bo-ah as Ji ah who works at a TV station.

Ah-eum is the first love of Yeon, is reincarnated and born as Ji-Ah. Ah-eum is killed by Imoogi ( Lee Tae Ri ) in the past. The past again tries to repeat. Kim Bum as Lee Rang who is the brother of the Yeon. Lee Rang sacrifices himself in order to save Ji-ah as he feels he is indebted to Yeon who helped him from his unpleasant past.

3. Touch your heart

This drama is a feel good story. Lee Dong Wook as Kwon Jung Ra who is a lawyer. Yoo In- na as Yoon Seo who is a top actress who loses her stardom by being involved in a drug scandal. In order to make a comeback the next project is about the law. So, she takes a job as secretary of the lawyer Kwon Jung. They develop feelings for each other. This is a feel good simple romantic love story with not many twists. 

4. Wild Romance

Lee Dong Wook as Park Mu-yeol who is a star baseball player of Red Dreamers team. Lee Si Young as Yoo Eun Jae who is a bodyguard by career and die hard fan of Blue Seagulls which is the rival team of Red Dreamers. They both meet on a drunken night where by misunderstanding Park Mu-yeol pushes Yoo Eun Jae’s father and ends up getting beat up by Yo Eun Jae.

The video clip of being thrown up by Eun Jae goes viral on social media. This causes a huge mess with Mu-yeol’s reputation & Eun Jae’s job as bodyguard. Finally they held a reporters conference and say that Eun Jae is the bodyguard of Mu-yeol and it is just a practice. They agree Eun Jae to work as his bodyguard to clear the doubts.

This mismatched pair falls for each other as they stick to each other round the clock. 

5. Bubble Gum

Park Ri hwan ( Lee Dong Wook ) is a medical doctor in his own clinic. Jung Ryeo won as Kim Haeng-ah  is Park’s best friend. They fall for each other but Kim Haeng Ah will take it slow as them being in a relationship is not accepted by Park’s mother who also takes care of Kim Haeng- Ah as she lost both her parents.

6. Strangers from hell

This is a suspense thriller Korean drama. Yoo Jong woon is a young man who moved to a seoul dormitory. It is a cheap one and has abnormal residents including, the next door neighbor who is our hero Seo Moon Jo.

7. Blade Man

This is a fantasy rom com drama where our hero is a wealthy man with a supernatural ability. Where his anger and pain exhibits blades from his body. When he meets Se Dong, a warm hearted girl. They get entangled with each other and fall in love. She slowly heals his heart and make him learn how to deal with his ability. 

8. Scent of a Woman

This drama is about a woman who is in her mid 30’s. After spending 10 years in the same company she is accused of stealing from her client by the superiors. Later she gets to know that she has gallbladder cancer and only has 6 months to live.

She wants to make her living worth by spending the best in 6 months so she resigned her job and made her first trip. She takes her first trip to China, where she finds her man of dreams. Kang Ji wook is the son of the former boss who lives a lifeless life until he falls for our heroine. 

9. Hotel King

This is a love story drama. A heiress who tries to save her father’s legacy, by one and only one 7 star hotel in the nation. Then there is a hotel manager who tries to protect her despite the enemies. 

10. Life

This is a medical drama where it showcases the struggles of humans that take place within the hospital. 

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