Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe 🍦

Mint chocolate ice cream

Today’s food recipe I am gonna share with you is mint chocolate chip ice cream. You never had it before? It’s worth your try. Regular ice cream is routine and this flavor is everything you want in an ice cream treat. It balances the sweet chocolatey indulgence with bright flavor of mint.


  1. Whipping Cream
  2. Condensed Milk
  3. Mint Extract
  4. Green Food Coloring 
  5. Chocolate Chips


Now let’s dive into the procedure. It doesn’t require much process / steps. It’s gonna be so simple.

  • Take a bowl and add two cups of heavy whipping cream. Whisk until it forms a stiff thickness.
  •  Now add 400 gms of Condensed milk and mix it well.
  •  Add 1 teaspoon. of mint extract. If you want it more minty add another half tsp. And mix it gently.
  •  Now add a couple of drops of green food color. If you don’t want to add artificial food colors, you can grind the mint leaves and add the liquid in the mixture.
mint chocolate ice cream
  • Now add the chocolate chips according to your taste.
  • Now cover it up with plastic wrap. The reason we do that is to help prevent it from getting freezer burn.
  • Now put it in the freezer for at least 4 to 6 hours / overnight. Later scoop it out and enjoy your delicious ice cream.

Benefits of Mint Chocolate Ice Cream:

Yes, you heard it right there are benefits of having ice cream.

  1. As mint is all over the ice cream it helps you with the bad breath. Before an important date meeting / emergency meetings try a bowl of mint chocolate ice cream you’ll be dripping with confidence.
  2. Mint actually helps you to eliminate gas and cramps / bloating feels. Next time you have an upset stomach try this ice cream.
  3. Stress! What relieves stress better than a bowl of ice cream

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