Mount Fitz Roy – 10 Tips for adventure climbing

mount fitz roy

Mount Fitz Roy is not a trekking place for new trekkers. The entire trip requires a great amount of effort so you must be more knowledge about the route. The route can be very dangerous and unpredictable. Weather isn’t the best place to be moving around easily. Mount Fitz Roy is located between Argentina and Chile, nearby El chalten town. 

The entire trek takes 3 – 4 days to complete depending on your walk. It is always better to pack everything beforehand so you don’t miss anything. Trekking is always exciting but prepare who knows a sunny day can be turned into a rainy day within seconds. So always be prepared for everything as you can’t predict weather here.

Itinerary for Mount Fitz Roy

  1. Firstly the trek starts from El Chalten town. You can stay overnight and get ready yourself for the trek. 
  2. First day of trekking goes from El Chaltén village to Laguna Los Tres. By this trek you pass along Laguna Capri and get to see the best blues between the snow. 
  3. It is the best place to get every photograph you expected as a trekker. You can stay there overnight and get started the next day. 
  4. Secondly the next stop is going to be the Blanco river. This is the closest point to mount Fitz Roy. The stunning river view can be very beautiful. You can have your lunch here and get started for the next trek. 
  5.  You can reach Poincenot Camp and take your night stay over there. 
  6. Last day of the trek you go back to where you started i.e El Chalten town.

All of this trek requires fitness as Mount Fitz Roy is at 3,405 m. The best time to trek in Argentina is from October to March. As it is when you can see the best scenic views like blues covered in snow. Trekking in these times you need to get your vaccinations done and be ready with your visa and Insurance. Make sure to pack all the necessary items you need for trekking and you are all set to go. 

El Chaltén

Health tips before going for Mount Fitz Roy trek

  • Make sure to get a health examination before going for a trek.  
  • Emergency First Aid Kit
  • Use walking poles if required in some situations. 
  • Stay back if the weather conditions worsen & get started after everything is settled.

Needed things while trekking

  • Make sure you are dressed in layers as the weather can change within seconds.
  • Bring plenty of water and water supplements. More food and snacks just in case. 
  • Sun protection
  • Sanitizers and wet wipes
  • Packed food 
  • Bring necessary medicines because you may get body pains with all the trekking. 
  • Extra bag for waste. 
  • Keep needy items handy. 
  • Never Travel alone make sure you travel in group so that you can get a hand in case of any emergencies / accidents. 


All you need is a few months of planning beforehand to get all the discounts and to be on a well planned trip. Planning in the off season can get you more discounts. So plan well & have safe trekking.

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