Moving into a new home? Necessary items you need to pack

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Moving into a new home and trying to pack some important things for the next few days? Maybe you’re relocating in a Texas neighborhood like apartments in Cedar Park or staying at that place just for a few days Or maybe you’re going to camp out in your new home for a few weeks, doing some fix-ups, before the rest of your stuff catches up with you.

Whatever the reason, We cleared everything for you. What do you need to bring to your new home, and what can you leave behind without kicking yourself for it later? It may be tough to clear an entire household into a few essential boxes, So here we labelled everything that should be brought to your new home for the next few days. 

  1. Electronic Wires : Place all chargers of all your essential electronics, such as your phone, laptop, and tablet in a place and box them. So that you don’t need to search for them.
  2. Bedding : Use large boxes for your bedding. Try to pack less weighted sheets and pillows as bedding can get heavy quickly. Make sure rugs are rolled up and wrapped in plastic. As it gives protection to your rugs while travelling.
  3. Toiletries : Moving can be dirty. So pack all essentials like soap, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, moisturizing cream, towels, wash cloths, toilet paper, tissues.
  4. Cleaning Supplies: After clearing all the dust we need these essential supplies like broom, dustpan, dishwasher, rags, glass cleaner.
  5. Cook Ware: You’ll need cookware for making easy meals like pot, pan, serving spoon, fork and a can opener. Enough plate utensils and cups as one plate for one person.
  6. Simple meals: As having a three day course meal while moving isn’t the best time so bring food that doesn’t need much preparation like instant cup noodles, cereal and milk, bread and butter, canned soup.
  7. Snacks: Dry Fruits, Bars, Chips since they do not require refrigeration, no preparation, and no utensils.
  8. Beverages : You’ll need bottled water if you don’t have access to a water filtration system. Instant coffee / tea bags are needed for your daily caffeine.
  9. Battery Light : Make sure you get a battery light incase of a power failure as well as candles and matches.
  10. First Aid-kit : Moving heavy objects can result in heavy body pains or scrapes. So a basic first aid kit with Band-Aids, thermometer, bandage and a few body pain pills.

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