Salzkammergut – 10 Best things to do when you are here


Salzkammergut is a region of lakes & Alps. It is also known as lake district and has more than 30 lakes. This is located in north central Austria. It is a resort area with plenty of greens and mountains. It has been a tourist spot and very famous as some scenic spots of sound of music are shot here. Salzkammergut has many things to do and places to visit. Here we’ve listed out 10 best things to do when you are here. 

Hallstätter See in Salzkammergut

It is a spectacular view where it lies in the northern region of the Dachstein mountain range. This is the most scenic place where the lake is 8 km long and 2 km wide and the lake is up to 125 m depth and it is surrounded by the mountains and greenery. This stunning beauty contains activities like fishing, boating diving and boat pedaling to explore the lake.

Hallstatt’s Old Town and Market Square

It is the most beautiful place as the town is placed near shore and the market nearby. This is very famous as the photo point view. If you are a photo addict you can take enormous beautiful pictures here. The traditional houses with a lake and mountain view makes you want to stay there for the rest of your life.

Salt Mine

It is a 7000 year old salt mine which lies above 1030 m higher than the town. This also showcases the ancient way of mining methods and the attractions there. It also has a tour where they display and offer tours about all the products made

Five Fingers Dachstein Mountains 

This is a must visit place when you are in Salzkammergut. It has a series of mighty peak points 2000 – 3000 m high. This place is very popular for hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. This place has so many spectacular views and panoramas. If you are afraid of heights then this is not the place for you but if you love adventures then you may love this place. 

Dachstein Caves

Dachstein is at a height of 9,826 feet. It is one of the tallest landmarks in Salzkammergut. Ice cave consists of ice mountains that are 500 years old. There are 26 feet and 98 feet long ice immersed in colored lights and music. 

The mammoth cave is one of the largest caves of the world. They take you through tours illuminated by laser installations. A ticket for both caves is 47 euros for adults.

Hallstatt’s Lutheran Church

This beautiful church is located at the heart of Hallstatt’s. It is a church from the 19th century.  Lutheran Church is beside Hallstatt’s Lake which gives it more beauty. If you are here in Salzkammergut make sure to visit this church. It is such a soul place. Make sure to not miss this place. 

Ceramics Factory

The Ceramic factory is located in Gmunden. Gmunden is a town from upper Austria. Many celebrities are here as frequent visitors which made this more famous. It became a very popular getaway. Every piece here is made out of hand which makes it more special. You can also book your workshops here and learn traditional craft here.


Take a boat trip in Wolfgangsee. Mostly in Salzkammergut you can go boat riding everywhere but this has been a special place for boat riding. The boat run between 3 villages – St. Wolfgang, St. Gilgen and Strobl. This is a one day boat trip. You can visit all the three main attractions on this trip. 

Basilika St. Michael

Basilika St. Michael church is located in Mondsee. It is just 18.5 km away from Salzkammergut. If you are into music and into beautiful churches then this got you covered. This church has a bright exterior with yellow color and lovely pink interior. The sound of music wedding scenes were shot here. It has no entry fee.

Schafberg Cog Railway

If you want to have a round off of this scenic view here then have this cog railway trip. It takes 35 mins to reach 1,190 meters. It has the most scenic views and unforgettable views. The round trip will take an hour while you are there you can have lunch with a view. Round trip for an adult cost like € 43.30 and a round trip for a child would be like € 21.70. 


These are must watch places when you are in Salzkammergut. If you know any more cool places to travel add in this list. Please add your suggestions in the comment list. 

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