Smart Home Devices : How To Blend Them With Your Décor

This is a technological era, where everything involves technology. Everyone loves a smart home. However, making your home good looking by incorporating technology can be tough. As they just don’t need to be there but also blend with your home décor. This becomes even tougher when people are more interested in giving their homes a more rustic style. You can make your home tech convenient by these unique ideas, which will give your home not only great look but also where it can be tech friendly.

Go Wireless

There is no doubt that cords look bad. We believe that wireless is better for you. Connect all of your smart home devices wirelessly to a smart home hub to reduce the number of cords. Instead of wired speakers and security cameras and an internet connection, choose wireless speakers and Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras. Control it all with a single convenient and simple-to-use home automation mobile app, which your local internet service provider will provide you with.

We can also suggest you another option for hiding the cords, but that will be quite costly. You can hire a contractor, and they can hire the electric wiring through the walls. If you’re unable to afford it, then go with hiding the wiring or cords with the furniture.  What you can also do is match the colour of the power cord to the colour of the base. Run the cord close to the floor.

Colour Coordination

The best part for the home décor conscious people is that most smart devices come in a variety of colours, sizes, shapes, and designs. You can find one that matches best with the style of your home. For example, if you have a smart doorbell, you can choose a colour that coordinates with the door. You can match your smart device or even a power cord with the colour of the curtains in your home. If you have ceiling speakers or fans installed, you can match them with the colour of your ceilings or the carpets and rugs, or even the furniture.

Customize the Smart Technology

Customizing the smart technology gives you complete control over your home’s design. You can minimize the requirement to place every speaker or showcase on a shelf with a custom design. You can instead install them on the walls or ceilings. You can also hide every piece of technology in plain sight if you keep colour coordination in mind! You shall be wise enough to choose the right color scheme, that goes well with the décor of your perfect home.

Another advantage of a custom fit is that you can focus on the details of your home’s design. If you have a traditional-looking door, for example, you can configure your smart lock to look like a traditional deadbolt.

Moreover, if you want an LCD /LED  to appear on the wall, you can use an in-floor mount to tuck the LCD/LED away out of sight and keep the focus on your stunning good taste! Whatever design you want to implement in your home while making sure that it’s tech-friendly, there’s always a solution for it.

Find the Right Balance

You don’t have to give up when colour coordination isn’t an option. Instead, strike a balance between the design of your room or dwelling and the technology you are using. You can also try hiding your technology with your décor so that they blend in very easily. 

Choose Smart Technology that Makes a Statement

With the increasing demand for smart home technology, the Real Estate industry is gaining a lot of benefits and earning money from them. Many businesses have entered the market,  that have introduced smart gadgets according to the latest needs of modern customers and modern dwellings. 

For example, smart gas appliances are extremely beneficial in homes and help avoid accidents. However, it’s still important to have them checked by a gas safe engineer and obtain a gas safety certificate cp12 so that you know that your smart gas appliances are safe to use. 

Smart home devices can be both visually appealing and functional. A pop-out wall outlet, for instance, makes it simple to plug in devices when needed, but it can also be tucked away flush with the wall when not in use. A few options can be wall or ceiling mounted that take up only a few inches of space.

Let One Room Be an “Un-Plugged” Room

Not every room in the home needs to be connected with technology. Allocate one room for unplugging and getting away from technology. Even little contributions work well for this: just a set of comfortable chairs, a table, and a little home set library, can bring a room together and provide you, your family, or even friends with a place to unwind without having to worry about their phones, televisions, or computers. 

Allocate this room only for connectivity with your loved ones. This room makes you feel like a human, instead of a robot. Here you won’t feel that your whole life is controlled by technology.


Decorating your hearth and making it tech-friendly and more functional does not mean, that you have to compromise on the décor of your home. You can easily use the above ideas to have a smart, safe, and well-decorated home.

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