Some Alluring Precious Stones That Add To Your Enchantress

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Jewelry gemstones have been adored for their natural beauty and rarity for centuries. However, when you buy gemstones online you will get to know that each of these stones has its unique allure, some more than others. Here is a list of some precious stones that are sure to add to your enchantress personality.

Types of Jewelry Gemstones

Jewelry gemstones  - ruby

1. Ruby

The ruby is a deep red stone. It is associated with the planet Sun and falls under the element of fire. It is known as the July birthstone. Red has been associated with courage, zeal, excitement, and passion. For ages as it is a mighty color. The stone itself is also considered lucky in many cultures, making it an even more alluring stone to own. The real ruby stones can be found naturally around the world, but the finest quality and most valuable rubies come from Burma, aka Myanmar, known as “Burma rubies” in ancient times.

Jewelry gemstones  - emerald

2. Emerald

The emerald is a deep green stone that represents the planet Mercury and falls under the element of earth. The color green has always represented fertility, health, growth, and good luck. The emerald, or Panna stone, is also the symbol of springtime and new beginnings. Besides astrological powers, real emeralds can add to your beauty every time when worn. It is found worldwide, but some of the finest quality stones come from Panjshir, Ethiopia, and Columbia. In Jewelry gemstones emerald is best regarded as the May Birthstone

Jewelry gemstones  - diamond

3. Diamond

The diamond is a clear or colorless stone representing the planet Venus and falls under the air element. Besides beauty, Natural Diamonds, aka Heera, have been admired for their amazing healing properties. They occur in many different colors ranging from deep blue, yellow, pink, and even black, but all of them are quite rare. The clearness of the diamond is associated with clarity, innocence, and integrity. These April Birthstones are found all over the world, but the most valuable diamonds come from India, Australia, and Africa.


4. Aquamarine

The natural aquamarine gemstone is a light blue or blue-green stone that represents the planet Jupiter and falls under the element of water. The gemstone can be wear as various jewelry gemstones styles.  Aquamarines is known as calming, soothing properties and is also said to be to protect the wearer from all sorts of harm. These are popularly known as March Birthstones. Aquamarines are found all over the world, but some of the finest quality stones come from India and Brazil. 

yellow sapphire

5. Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is entitled as September Birthstone. The yellow sapphire is a light to dark yellow stone that represents the planet Jupiter, or Bhraspati. It also and tends to bring knowledge and guidance to its owner. Yellow sapphires, also recognized as Natural Pukhraj Ratna. This is often used as a talisman to bring success, wealth, and happiness. Yellow sapphires are found around the world but some of the finest quality stones come from Ceylon, Sri Lanka. In other words, you can simply say, Ceylon yellow sapphires are of the best quality. 


6. Opal

The opal is a milky white to black stone that comes in many different colors. It represents the planet Uranus. Natural Opals are often seen as a symbol of everlasting love and passion. It is also said to bring good luck to the wearer. Though Opals are found all over the world, but some best quality stones come from Australia. These October Birthstones make the best-worn fashion jewelry. 


Natural gemstones have always been admired and coveted for their captivating beauty and rarity. However, these stones deliver utmost benefits. When its adorned in their purest form and in the righty prescribed manner. Thus, you should adhere to the correct Vedic procedure while wearing any astrological gem. You can also give it a read to Vedic Style* of Wearing Navratna Gemstones.                  

The abovementioned is a list of 6 precious original gemstones that are sure for your birth month. Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Aquamarine, and Yellow Sapphire are all beautiful and unique stones. It has the potential to bring charisma and appeal to their owner

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