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Lifestyle Changes - Top 7 to Help You Boost Mental Health

7 Lifestyle Changes That Will Help You Boost Your Mental Health

Lifestyle changes need to be done after amidst lockdown, people are focusing on a lot of different things. Some people have started side hassle to earn more money, others are thinking of quitting their full-time jobs to pursue their happiness and some have started working out regularly. However, most people do not feel that mental …

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and Shoulder Pain – Relieve them with Simple Stretching Exercises

Neck and shoulder pain can be caused because of multiple reasons. One of the main reasons is injury. However, now neck muscles stiffness is much more common but most people do not report any injury. The main reason is that people now have desk jobs that keep them sitting in the same posture. Apart from …

greasy food

Greasy Food – How to prevent its after effects

Once in a while you canโ€™t avoid having greasy food. Your cravings / a compulsory meet with your friends / family. Having greasy food / oily food is not an issue but getting rid of the bad cholesterol is tougher. The foods that contain cholesterol increase in more diseases related to heart, diabetes. So, here …