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The holidays can be stressful this time even in the most ordinary days of the year, as so much has been going on in 2020. But, I think there are enough reasons for us to celebrate and make our lives even more colorful. So let’s all give a proper and happy send off to this year for the reason that the pandemic has changed the way we look at the world. So let’s all show some gratitude towards each other and gift something in this holiday season that our near and dear ones love. Of course, you all might have priceless moments with your loved ones, but making those even more beautiful can be possible by surprising them with desirable gifts.  So whether you’re looking something for your wife-husband or child or your cousin, here are some of the ideas that you can consider for all of them.


What makes your Christmas brighter than your kid’s smile? So let’s just check the super duper gifts for kids.

  1. Sweater / Hoodie: And we can’t just have one sweater for the entire season, right? Gift them a warm beautiful sweater. This makes Christmas more lovely.
  2. Piggy Bank:  They are growing kids. This will make a lovelier gift for kids who are growing and they will get to know the savings!
  3. Story Book: Comic books or Story books containing their favorite Disney character / a cartoon makes a perfect gift for your kid as this gets them habituated to reading books which is a better company than their video games.
  4. Board Games: Nowadays whenever parents cannot let their kids play outside, they just engage their kids with the mobile phone. Instead, board games really occupy your kids and help them in killing the boredom. It ‘ll just be fun if it is played with a group.
  5. A Musical Instrument: If your kid is just interested in music, then say you are blessed! Just buy the instrument as a gift and they will be the most thrilled.
  6. Art/Craft/Sports: If your kid is into any of these things, gift them the things/accessories that they would need to pursue their interest further. 


Christmas does look brighter when your women are the happiest. So here are some gifts that will make your woman’s heart melt.  Let’s check them out.

  1. Perfume: Is giving perfume a perfect gift? Yes, Of course it’s an emotional gift as well. Giving someone a perfume shows that you have put a lot of thought into who the recipient is and what they might like. That’s why giving someone a perfume is a sign of affection. They get more connected to you when you pick a beautiful flavour. A perfume is also a special gift because it’s something people don’t buy very often.
  2. Jewelry: Ah! Who doesn’t love jewelry. A simple pendant / earrings can do the magic if you know the taste of your women in the jewelry. I’m not talking about the price section though 😉
  3. Nail Art Kit: Small things matter a lot. Women love being beautiful, including in their little details. Nail art kit is a perfect gift for girly girls who love beauty and fashion. This kit has everything they love.
  4. Special Photo Frames: For the photo lover who always loves to click pictures, you can present them with custom photo art frames with all the best pictures you have with them / the best single pictures. You can also get the photographs fitted in the frames and arrange them on the wall with lightning and surprise them.
  5. Bluetooth Speaker: For the ones who love music/movies consider giving them a portable Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth Speaker is great for movie nights with your loved ones at home. 
  6. Handbag: No matter what the occasion/budget is, gifting a handbag never goes in vain. It is always a useful option for women. Ladies love different styles of handbags as different handbags serve different purposes. So they will definitely use it to their best no matter which style you choose.


Even men enjoy surprises so let’s consider some options which can be useful for them.

  1. Power bank: I think this is the most useful gift to men as they always feel that they lack time to charge their phones. Charging a power bank at home makes it very handy to be used whenever they are out.
  2. Smart Watch: Another useful item, which helps in finding a phone, key or a device much easier. Fitness tracker, replying instantly to messages/calls, being able to receive social media notifications are some of the great features of smart watches.
  3. Personalized Water bottle: Again, Men are always busy and generally don’t allocate time to drink water unless they are thirsty. But our body needs more water than we drink when we are thirsty. So giving them a personalized bottle might remind them of drinking water whenever it is with them. Copper bottles are great on that note. 
  4. Special Scrapbook with memories: Generally, as women are more patient than men, making customized scrapbooks can be a great considerable option. But remember, this requires a lot of time and effort as you would have to buy all the craft work items way before and collate necessary items. This would be the best surprise as people who receive this gift get to see your love in the form of your efforts and ideas. It can also be the best personal gift as  no one else can figure out the moments that you had or the sentences that you write for them.
  5. Air Fryer: Switching to an Air Fryer can aid in weight loss. Instead of having to submerge the food in the oil completely, air frying requires very less oil to achieve the similar taste as that of the deep fried food. So this helps in reducing the fat and calories in the food, that way you can lose/maintain your weight.
  6. Travel Bag: A suitcase does the job, but a travel bag is more convenient for carrying the luggage. Duffle bags, Rolled Backpacks, Travel Packs would be a great option according to the type of travels.

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