Thigh Gap – How to Get it with Simple Exercises

Thigh Gap

The thigh gap is becoming one of the most desirable features in women. This is mainly because chubby legs and fat thighs make you look short. Apart from this, it has a functional purpose as well. People with chubby thighs end up getting skin rashes that can be painful and to some extent, it can cause irritation as well. The best way to resolve this issue is mainly to reduce the fat across your thighs. In most cases, women end up abandoning skirts and dresses just because they do not want to experience the irritation. The best way to deal with this issue is to exercise so you can not only look tall but can avoid irritation as well.

With the help of this article, we will mainly talk about the simple exercises that can help you get a thigh gap. Since we are catering to women of all ages, we will keep it simple and only mention exercises that do not require any equipment. For the simple exercises that require some kind of equipment, we will also mention some easy alternatives.

Top 5 exercises for thigh gap



Squats are very easy, effective and do not require the use of any extra equipment. You need to start by standing straight. Now, stretch your legs and stand with at least shoulders width apart. Now, keep your hands in front of you and pose like you are sitting on an invisible chair. Your back will be straight while your weight will be on your feet. Lifting your feet or pushing too hard might injure you so it is better to take it easy.

Torso Bridge

torso bridge

Torso Bridge is commonly known as the quad bridge or the thigh bridge. In yoga, the quad bridge is also known as Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. For this exercise you have to lay straight, now bend your knees and keep them apart. Now, you need to lift your torso up in the air while your body weight will be evenly distributed on the legs and shoulders. Try to adjust the weight evenly otherwise, you might end up straining your shoulders or neck.

Butterfly Stretch

Butterfly stretch

This is a simple pose but as a beginner, you might struggle with it. You need to start by stretching your legs and then fix your heels opposite each other. Now, with your hands, try to press your knees down. You might struggle for the first few days and it can be a little painful as well. However, as you will keep practicing you will see that your knees will be on the ground without you trying.



The lunge is a great, effective, and functional workout and you do not need any equipment for that. The best thing is that there are so many different variations that you can try. The best type for a thigh gap is lateral lunges. You have to stand straight, now stretch your legs apart and bend one knee at 90 while the other leg will remain stretched out completely. Now you have to sit on the bent leg for a few seconds, count to ten, and repeat with the other leg.

Ball Squeeze

thigh gap exercise - Ball Squeeze

Ball squeeze is usually done with the help of a medicine ball, however, if you do not have a medicine ball you can use any softball or football. You will hold this ball between your thighs and lay down. Now put pressure by squeezing this ball.


To sum it all up, there are so many simple yet functional exercises that will help you acquire the thigh gap. Since most people do not feel motivated to carry on lengthy and extremely difficult exercises, we have only listed some simple yet functional exercises. You can work out while you watch your favorite shows on Netflix or you can listen to music as well. These exercises do not require any technical precision and once you have the muscle memory you will be able to continue without thinking too much.

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