Top 5 Crystals for beginners – That Blend Fashion & Mindfulness

crystals for beginners

Today, fashion and jewelry are no longer only about looks. Top 5 crystals for beginners who would love to find more meaning, inspiration, and mindful properties within their beautiful jewelry pieces. And there are no better choices than crystals when it comes to blending fashion and mindfulness effortlessly! Crystals and gemstones are beautiful, natural, diverse, and have a deep meaning that has been cultivated since ancient times. So, without any further discussion, here are the top 5 crystals for beginners that will fabulously complement your style while providing mindfulness!

Top 5 Crystals for beginners

1. Rose Quartz

Once you dive into Rose Quartz’s properties and start wearing it, you’ll quickly notice how it is one of the most delicate crystals in appearance and energy. Those soft pink hues are undeniably fulfilling for the eyes and soul – always vibing with the utmost loving energy! Rose Quartz crystal comes in many different varieties in jewelry; you’ll have no problem at all finding something that aligns with your attire and spirit! It goes well for everyday wear to work, dinners, or even more official events. And when it comes to mindfulness, energy, and symbolism – there’s no better companion for those who need a little spark in love, optimism, and empathy in their lives!

2. Labradorite

Labradorite stone may seem a bit mysterious, shamanic, and too spiritual for those seeking only to complement their style. But there’s no need to worry; Labradorite has a place in everyone’s life. The stone has a beautiful play of rainbow colors, a fascinating spectrum that changes at different observation angles. If you’re open-minded in terms of style and looks, Labradorite can be your go-to crystal jewelry for any fun occasion – be it a birthday or a music concert. Essentially, it’s a stone of magic for mindful dreamers and those seeking a powerful spiritual tool for meditation and other practices while being a fun piece to wear!

crystals for beginners

3. Tourmaline

If you thought Labradorite was colorful, how about Tourmaline? It’s one of the most colorful gems on Earth regarding color varieties and options! Tourmaline crystals have been described as semi-precious stones despite certain types being much rarer than diamonds and can be considerably more expensive. This beautiful gem got you covered in any situation – from a fancy business lunch and finding the perfect engagement ring to calming negative emotions and overcoming jealousy. Mindfully, the Tourmaline gemstone can help fix a broken heart, inspiring people to move on from toxic relationships or the harmful past.

4. Citrine

If you’re looking for a burst of positivity and creativity, and attract more success and prosperity, look no further than the bright gemstone Citrine. It‘s one of those crystals that will be absolutely for everyone. After all, positivity and a bit of sunshine in your ring or necklace will always be a good thing. Polished or raw Citrine crystal, its jewelry will add an exciting touch of sparkle to any attire. No wonder why Citrine was Queen Victoria‘s go-to stone in terms of jewelry!

5. Azurite

It is a good quality natural Azurite that is something out of this world. The richness in deep blue hues can transport you into the deepest depths of the ocean, which represent the more profound intuition and inner guidance in terms of mindfulness. Azurite jewelry can be exquisite and accompany the fanciest of events and occasions. It’s an ultimate showcase of how beautiful and extraordinary crystal jewelry can be. Don‘t believe us? Take a glimpse at Azurite‘s incredible profile!

crystals for beginners


And there you go! While these five crystals seem to be on top of the mindfulness and fashion game, there are certainly more. Don’t hesitate to explore the world of natural crystals and gemstones – it is super exciting! And who knows, you might find emotional and spiritual refugee in one of them!

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