WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Update – Feb 2021

Have you heard about the new privacy policy of WhatsApp? What is in it that everyone is discussing? WhatsApp has given a new privacy policy update and asked users to agree to the changes before Feb 8th.

WhatsApp highlighted that the new policy will impact the user interactions and business interactions which may be the same as Facebook’s hosting services.

The new privacy policy is not in use now but many people showed their unhappiness with ‘accept or leave’ conditions which WhatsApp has added. Further, it led to misunderstanding of the privacy policy and so many shared misinformation about the privacy policy.

Due to these issues many people moved to other apps like signal, telegram which has more privacy. As a result Signal came to number one position on App store and third position on Play Store.

WhatsApp gives clarification:

WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update

As many people are concerned about the new privacy policy and migrated to other messaging apps, WhatsApp clarified saying that neither Facebook nor WhatsApp can see personal messages nor hear to calls. They said all the messages are end-to-end encrypted and it doesn’t keep log of personal information and it also clarified that business chats b/w users and the enterprise accounts are only impacted under the new policy.

WhatsApp extended the deadline to accept the new privacy policy from Feb 8 to May 15, 2021.They believed that users did not have the clarity for the new updated privacy policy terms and informed that the user’s account will not be deleted on Feb 8.

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