Double Chin: 5 Simple steps to reduce double chin

Nowadays everyone is having a chin line. Isn’t it irritating to watch double chin on your face looking in the mirror or taking a picture with your friends? Not only people who are fat who are slim can also have double chin. It is nothing but the layer of fat that is formed below your chin. Not only obesity, there are other reasons like genetics, posture, food you take. Is it tough to get rid of double chin? Yes, but not impossible. Following these steps can reduce the double chin.

1. Healthy Diet:  

The first way is to follow a healthy diet. It’s really important that you take a little bit of less spicy food (like sauces, broth) or salty food because food with high levels of sodium has higher chances to lead to double chin. Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. It may sound boring but this is what exactly you need to follow to maintain a balanced diet. Avoid foods with high amount of fat like cheese, peanuts, whole eggs, sugar, whipping cream and any packed items; doing this keeps your weight in check.

2. Water:

Drink a lot of water, this helps you get rid of all the waste and excess salts from the body.

3. Daily Habits:

  • Regular Exercise, I know how hard it can be to exercise daily with our busy lives of work and household chores. However if you don’t exercise regularly there is going to be poor blood circulation in the body and it results in gaining weight.
  • Bad Posture: Sleeping in a bad posture like sleeping on your stomach can cause double chin. Putting your hand under chin posture can also result in double chin. I know it might be shocking but yes I do this all the time.

4. Aging:

Aging can cause double chin as the elasticity of your skin and muscles starts to down fall. While following the daily skin care routine, take care of the wrinkles on your neck along with the face. Try to pull up the sagging areas with fingers while applying any anti aging cream / lotion to improve swelling by encouraging circulation.4

5.Exercises for Double Chin:

Double chin is the most common concern among people these days. Practicing this exercise will help you get rid of it.

  • Lift your chin up to the ceiling as much as you can and you will be able to see the contraction of your vocal muscles. Now hold the position there and gently open your mouth and close. Repeat this for 10 reps and bring your chin for resting position.
  • Extend your neck as back as you can. Move your neck upwards and downwards 10 times its more effective if you take breathe for 5 sec. This exercise tightens the chin line.
  • Lift your chin make an “O” shape with your lips keep this pose for 20 seconds.
  • Move your lips towards your nose doing this consistently will get rid of chin fat.

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