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nam joo hyuk

Nam Joo Hyuk is an actor and model. During his studies he wanted to be a basketball player. He even played it for 3 years. Later he suffered an injury and was advised with surgery. After the surgery he didn’t play basketball. After moving to seoul he won an award in modeling. Soon after that he signed a contract with the modeling agency.  He was born on 22 Feb 1994. Wishing my forever crush a very happy birthday and let’s just check out his best dramas till date.

Twenty Five Twenty One

This drama showcases the love story that happened in the 1990’s. Nam Joo Hyuk as Back Yi-Jin who is a rich kid but his family lost all the money in bankruptcy.  While completing his studies and finding a job he does part time jobs like newspaper deliveries and part time work at a novel shop.

Here Na hee-do is a student who is enthusiastic about fencing. Going through all the difficulties she becomes a member in nationals. These two meet each other  while delivering the newspapers he broke a statue at her house. They continue to overcome the difficulties with the help of each other. This is an ongoing drama where only 4 episodes are released but people are already loving their chemistry and friendships.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 

Kim Bok Joo is a weightlifter. She and her friends don’t have any boyfriends. Nam Joo Hyuk as Jung Joon Hyung is a swimmer. The story takes place in the sports university. Where Jung Joon recognizes Kim Bok as her childhood friend. By teasing her on a daily basis he gets to know that she has a crush on her brother. He helps her to meet him ( Jung Jae yi ). Jung Jae Yi is a nutritionist. To meet him she follows the diet and ignores her coach’s sayings. Later her nutritionist book was found in her house and was locked in her room. 

Jung Joon helps her to come out of the crush phase. Soon he falls for her. Their cute relationship fights give you a perfect rom-com drama.  This story narrates about the college athletes who achieve their love and dreams.

Start Up

Seo Dal-Mi is a dropout from university and wants to start her own company. Nam Joo Hyuk as Nam Do San has already established a company 2 years ago but is not running well. Sandbox is a company which conducts entrance tests and takes a few teams and gives them projects which help them to achieve their dreams. Seo Dal – Mi and Nam Do San form a team and the mentor of the team is Han Ji-Pyeong. Who is a childhood friend of Seo Dal-Mi but wants to hide that so he asks Nam Do San to be her childhood friend. 

Nam Do Soon does not want to continue the act at first but being close to her he continues the act and be her childhood friend. They eventually start to like each other but Han Ji-pyeong who avoided her at first but wanted to tell her that he is her childhood friend and tries to accept that he has feelings for Seo Dal-Mi. Finally Seo Dal-Mi finds that her childhood friend is Han Ji-Pyeong and this all an act. After a few days the team is broken and the coding people of the team are given a new project. After finishing the project Nam Do San heads back to South korea. Seo Dal-Mi & Nam Do-San find out both have feelings for each other.

The Bride of Habaek

Nam Jo Hyuk as Lord Habaek. Habaek is a water god who visits earth to collect the sacred stones. Those stones are needed for him to claim the throne in the divine realm. To retrieve them he seeks the help of So Ah. So AH and her family are the only descendants that are fated to serve the Water God for generations.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

This drama is about time travel. Where a 21st century girl who is 25 years old is transferred to the Goryeo Dynasty of Korea into the body of Hae Soo. I am a 16 year old girl. There she witnesses love, friendships, fights between the handsome princes. 

The Light in Your Eyes

Kim Hye Je finds a special watch on the beach in her childhood. She can manipulate the time and go back to the specific moment. Going back in time comes with a price of aging. After using it in her childhood sometimes to manipulate in exams and everything. She realized she was aging faster than other kids and stopped using the watch.

To prevent her father from dying she uses the special watch. Her father is back but it comes with a heavy price where Hye Ja turns into a 70 years old lady. Nam Joo Hyuk as Lee Joon Ha. Lee Joon Ha and Kim Hye Je had a beautiful friendship before the incident happened. Later on Lee Joon, who is exhausted with his family problems, works at elderly care center. Hye Ja lives in elderly care center now being 70. These two cross paths again but with changes in time. 

The School Nurse Files

Ahn Eun Young is a school nurse. She has the power to see spirits that exist in the form of jellies. Some jellies can take a monsterous form which is dangerous to school kids. Ahn Eun Young is new to school and these mysterious things happen there.

Nam Jo Hyuk as Hong In Pyo who is a chinese language teacher. This man has a special energy where the flies can’t reach him as there is a field around him. These both join hands to solve the mystery jelly cases.

Who are you: School 2015

This is a story about twins. Go Eun-byul and Lee Eun-bi are twins who are separated in an orphanage. Where Eun Byul is adapted and she is very popular at her school. Eun Bi is always bullied at her school. Eun bi is stuck in a love triangle with Han Yi-an and Gong Tae-gwang. Nam joo hyuk as Han Yi-An is a boy next door. Tae-gwang is a school director’s son. Later he is rejected by Eun Bi.

Eun Byul, is the only one who is aware that she had a sister and went in search for her during the school trip. Later she is found with amnesia and her sister Eun Bi dead. She tries to come out of it and find the real truth.

Cheese in the trap

This drama showcases the difference between a hardworking scholarship student and a rich kid. Yoo Jung is the heir although he is kind and he has a habit of destroying people who irritate him. When Hong Seol finds out about him she takes some time off from the school.

When she returns to the school Jung is kindly towards her. Jung asks Hong Seol to go on a date with him. She is not sure of what kind of a person he is. Trouble starts to begin when his childhood friend and sister arrive. 

The Idle Mermaid

Ha Ni is a mermaid princess for an underwater empire. Kwon Shi Kyung is a famous chef in the human world. One day he fell into the river. Ha Ni saves him by her kiss. She steals a magic potion and transforms into human form. 100 Days are only there to make Kwon Shi Kyung fall for her else she will die.

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