The 10 Best Netflix Series 2022 You Need To Watch This Summer

Netflix Series 2022

Netflix is a great resource for entertainment, and their selection of series is top-notch. The streaming giant now offers a wealth of original content, including hit series like All of us are Dead, Stranger Things, and Peaky Blinders.

With so much great content to choose from, it can be hard to know what to watch next. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 10 best Netflix series 2022 you need to watch this summer.

10 Best Netflix Series 2022

All of us are Dead

It is a Korean drama and only has 12 episodes. If you just love some short and suspense drama. I would totally recommend you to watch “ All of us are Dead”. This drama is about a science teacher who keeps experimenting on a rat. When a student gets a short bite from that rat unexpectedly she turns into a zombie. Where she left a scratch on the school medical examiner and in the hospital she joined.

Leading to the spread of the zombie virus. It is all about how some kids survive the zombie outbreak and manage to survive. Meanwhile it is hell of a rollercoaster of emotions like love, friendship and brotherhood. 

Stranger Things

The most awaited Stranger Things season 4 is releasing this summer on May 27. If you haven’t heard about this series, Here is a small glimpse about it. When a young boy went missing in a small town. His friends, his mom and the town police officer try to solve the mystery. While solving the case they find the most unusual and supernatural creatures and one strange girl. 

Peaky Blinders

The finale of the peaky blinders season 6 will be released on June 10. This series is about the gangsters in England in 1919. Tommy Shelby is the criminal and cunning boss. This is based on a true story. If you like crime and action, this is the best Netflix series of 2022 to watch.


This is also a Korean series. Where a detective and a police officer fake their marriage to get the top notch apartment. A deadly disease breaks out there by the capsules given by the gym trainer. Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo stay in the apartment and take care of the infected people. Even though they have a chance to leave the apartment.


This series is inspired by the Julia Quinn best selling novel. It is about eight siblings of the Bridgerton family in London High Society. Who are looking for happiness and love. 

Twenty Five Twenty One

If you love slow burning romance. This one is the perfect drama where Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk tell us what love and passion is.The story begins with Kim Tae Ri being married and her daughter reading the diary of Kim Tae Ri.

Going back to the flashback, Choi Myung-bin ( daughter of Kim Tae Ri ) reads the story of her mother and her ex-boyfriend. In the flashback Na Hee Doo ( Kim Tae Ri ) is the fencer and Back Yi Jin ( Nam Joo Hyuk ) is the News Tv Anchor as a rookie. This drama shows the love, passion and breakup shared by Na Hee Doo & Back Yi Jin. 

Business Proposal

Business Proposal is a cool romantic love story. Ahn Hyo Seop ( Kang Tae Moo ) is the CEO of gofood company. His grandfather always wanted him to start a family as his parents died at an early age. Kang Tae Moo doesn’t want to attend blind dates and waste time on them. Instead of Jin Yeong Seo, Shin Ha Ri goes to the blind date to scare the date away.

Trying to scare Kang Tae Moo, Shin Ha Ri makes her more comfortable and behaves recklessly. Where Kang Tae Moo likes that truthfulness and wanted to get married to her. The fun starts when he finds out that she isn’t Yeong Seo.


Rowoon is a hard working boy. Who wants to be appointed in a new company but luck doesn’t come his way. When he tries to help a man who is trying to suicde. He ends up being in a coma for 3 years. As this is the mistake of Kim Hee Seon who works for hell. They take the responsibility and offer him that if

Rowoon works there for 6 months. He can be out of coma within 6 months and get a job at a reputed company. The job they offer is to stop the people from committing suicide. In a way to stop they can visit their past memories and travel time. 

Russian Doll

Russian Doll Season 2 is coming on April 20. Nadia is a game developer. On the night of her 36th birthday, she died and came back to the same day. It is like a loop. Nadia needs to find out how to stop it. Until then she lives in the loop. 

The Sound of Magic

This drama is about a high school student who is abandoned by her parents. Who has to self support and support her sister with the part time jobs while she is studying. One day she meets this magician ( Ji Chang Wook ) and asks him to speed up the time. So that she can grow fast and fulfill her dream sooner. This drama is on Netflix from 6 May 2022. 


Hope you enjoyed my list. If you like anything more from the upcoming netflix series 2022 do comment and let others know about it. If you liked this post please do follow my blog for more content on series & dramas.

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